Cyber Security is One of the most Important Topics Today

Deterrence is described as the act or process of deterring such as the inhibition of criminal behavior by fear especially of punishment or the maintenance of military power for the purpose of discouraging attack. This paper will present a current review of writing on the viability of Cyber Deterrence. This paper will highlight the importance of implementing a working and effective strategy.

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“Cyber Security is One of the most Important Topics Today”

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Cyber security is by far has been one the biggest threats that the United States has ever had to face. Over the past decade there has been a massive increase of digital attacks. Criminals had targeted trusted security software and hardware companies in the effort to take over devices and manipulate uses. One of the biggest issues that is currently faced is the fact that users had limited focus on security and the preventive measures that we have in place are very out dated.

Is cyber deterrence possible? Cyber deterrence is very possible but a successful strategy must be applied correctly. There have been a growing number of attacks against the United States. The United States government has now been challenged with the issues of finding a lasting solution to the ongoing threats and attacks that we are facing on a daily basis. There’s also the fact that most companies have no idea that they’ve even been hacked, spied on or even been a victim of these activities. These issues have created a wide spread of issues such as unexpected financial loss, disruptions, and even extortion. These types of problems are going and not likely to slow down and will require help from the government and/or security specialist. We are all becoming all too familiar with daily headlines about the breaches and PII that has been stolen from government agencies and companies large and small.

Is there a solution? The solution to the problem is to find a mix of passive and active actions that will serve as countermeasures to the attacks. A successfully strategy would put in place the proper tools as well as enforce laws that would punish attackers. Intelligence expert Bob Gourley maintains that “you cannot deter unless you can punish and you cannot effectively punish unless you have attribution”. (Gottschling, 2016. P 61)

It is to be noted that cyber security is a shared responsibility. Internet companies and merchants can do their part by shoring up the security of their networks and payment systems. Government can educate the public and enforce anti-cyber-crime laws. (Forbes, 2014) Cyber-crime is not likely to slow down but with the right preparation and tools the impact can minimized.

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