Understand the Dangers of Cyber Security


With the quick development of Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, it is basic to proactively comprehend this present reality of cybersecurity dangers presented to them. Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets are quickly getting omnipresent while IoT administrations are getting unavoidable. Their prosperity has not gone unnoticed and the number of dangers and assaults against IoT gadgets and administrations are on the expansion also. Cyber-attacks are not new to IoT, however as IoT will be profoundly interlaced in our lives and social orders, it is getting important to step up and pay attention to digital protection. Thus, there is a genuine need to make sure about IoT, which has therefore brought about a need to completely comprehend the dangers and assaults on IoT foundation. This paper is an endeavor to order danger types, other than dissect and describe interlopers and assaults confronting IoT gadgets and administrations.

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“Understand the Dangers of Cyber Security”

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The aim is to critically review threats on Cyber Security and Internet of Things devices.

The Objectives include

  1. Literature review on the domain of Understanding IoT Devices and Services
  2. Discussion on primary security and privacy goals on IoT
  3. Discussion on Intruders and its classification, motivations of Cyberattack Scope

This research focuses on Security Threats, analyzing and discussing cyber-attacks and Vulnerability on IoT devices.

The research delimits are divided into the following area

  • Data Collection; The research makes use of secondary data i.e. collected from reviewed journals. The research does not make use of primary data.
  • System development; No form of system development was carried out
  • System testing; No form of system testing was being carried out

Problem Statement

According to IDC research, people use various electronic devices at least three of which are usually connected to the Internet (Michael Kanellos et al, 2016). This number is estimated to increase to 10 devices per person soon. Gartner (2017) expects the world to see more than 20 billion IoT devices by 2025. Due to the increase in IoT device usage, attacks on them have also increased. For instance, more than 20% of companies around the world have experienced at least one IoT-related attack in the past few years.

The emerging of IoT devices could significantly change the landscape of cyber-attacks both in terms of motives and methods. Due to the much higher level of intimacy IoT devices possess to people’s life, attacks on them could result in much more devastating consequences compared with cyber-attacks in the past. Not only do they affect more people, but the range of possible threats has also expanded.

Over the past few years, a variety of devices used by people on a daily basis has found their way to the Internet. IoT has become one of the most hyped terminologies in the industry.

The ongoing quick advancement of the Internet of Things IoT and its capacity to offer various kinds of administrations have made it the quickest developing innovation, with a tremendous effect on public activity and business conditions. IoT has step by step saturated all parts of present-day human life, for example, training, social insurance, and business, including the capacity of touchy data about people and organizations, money related information exchanges, item improvement and showcasing.

The tremendous dispersion of associated gadgets in the IoT has made colossal interest for hearty security because of the developing interest of millions or maybe billions of associated gadgets and administrations overall. 

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