Scientific Conclusion Otzi Ice Man

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The snow is everywhere and you begin to get tired but the wind keeps you up and hits you face.

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“Scientific Conclusion Otzi Ice Man”

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Then you get shot, as you tried to get up you fall and hit you head on a rock and then, nothing. For one unlucky person this did happen, but who was, who did he die and why is he important. To begin with, who are we talking about? His name is otzi the Iceman a wet mummy found in the alps mountain range while a couple was hiking and saw a corpse. At first they thought it was a hiker who met his fate, but there was to otzi. It turns out he was from the ice age. Scientist had to do research and study his corpse. How did his body not rot? When he died, his body fell into a depression in in the mountainside therefore his body was kept in a ditch. Next, why did he die and who did it? At first scientist thought he had died of the snow, but then when analyzing his body with a CAT scan they found an arrowhead in his left shoulder. Then in 2013 they found that serious head trauma. They also found a deep gash on his hand. Scientist went to the conclusion that shot by an arrow and fell, then tried to get up and get the arrow out of his shoulder, but fell on a rock and hit his head bleeding out.

Still scientist were stumped, why did they want to kill him? Scientist thought he had a importance to society but still didn’t know why they killed him. They also found that his arrows were still unfinished and left scientist even more baffled. Finally, why was otzi the iceman so important? He is important because he is 5,300 years old. Then when they were doing autopsies there was still traces of food in his stomach. Even the food he ate was mummified! Also another reason he is important is where he died. He died in the Otzal Alps and gave them a image of what it was like. There was another thing that made scientist confused, his copper axe. When looking through his inventory they found a copper axe. Scientist thought this was to sophisticated for otzi’s time, but there it was and because of this scientist re-imagine the copper age much earlier and also thought that was the reason he died. They thought the axe had caught someone’s attention so they killed otzi the iceman for the axe but left it so there was no evidence he killed otzi the iceman. In conclusion, otzi a big because of was he was, were he died which was at a high elevation, and his importance. Just to think that there could be bodies over 1000 years old under are feet right now waiting to be discover and found by someone all we have to do is look around.

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