Evidence Based Conclusion

The author of this article talks about the prevalence of the exposure of children to the domestic violence and how the various implications can be used for the purpose of solving the challenges associated with the child abuse. The author uses methodological quantitative approach. The limitation of the paper is that it does not give clear step by step solutions that the various state holders, (parents, the government, the children, the counselors and the social workers) can use in handling the case of domestic violence. I would recommend the book for any person who would seek to know especially the spouses the different causes of child abuse.

According to the author, the study is focused towards the existence of both child abuse and spousal abuse in families by mentioning that domestic violence ranges from forty percent to seventy five percent of women who are battered also claim that their children have been abused either verbally, sexually, or physically. The book uses both the quantitative and qualitative study methodology. The limitations of the book are that it does not clearly elaborate how the stake holders of domestic violence and child abuse perpetrate violence. The book can be a good material for the students, counselors and spouses to learn different ways they can deal with cases of child abuse and domestic violence.

According to the author, poor economic status, lack of occupation balance and infidelity among the spouses are the major causes of domestic violence. Drug use and poor upbringing makes top on the list the major reasons for child abuse. The book uses both the quantitative and qualitative study methodology. The paper aims to provide guidance to parents to know how to deal with issues of child abuse. The book is recommended for the couples who would like to heal their domestic problems.

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