Eugenics and Scientific Racism

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One cause of racism is the theory of eugenics. A variety of genetic or inborn qualities problems should be improved and use their greatest strengths, that iseugenics is(Galton, F. 1904). Eugenics stresses the necessity of human perfection and appeals to people to become perfect and eliminate the disadvantages. Eugenic seems to give extremely theoretical guarantees to people who are increasingly refuse to accept others’ imperfections (Allen, 2001). Hoffmann (1913) said the easiest way to breeding the next better generations is to prevent inferior races from breeding. And The committee on Race Psychiatry suspected that the inferior race is more possible to get mental illness than the classy race (Herf, J. 2006). To eliminate inferior species and make future generations more healthy, Nazi racial hygienist set off a national revolution forced the Jews to withdraw from the medical profession. Ruttke (1934) claims that genetic knowledge has been used to create a healthy nation since 1933 and is reported in the American Journal of Heredity as a recognition of several aspects of eugenics in the neo-Nazi countries (Herf, J. 2006). Therefore, the reason why they committed atrocities, killing and torturing Jews, clarifying that the Germans are the best race in the world (Herf, J. 2006). They could not bear the company of other inferior races (Herf, J. 2006). According to the Wikler (1999), eugenics will take the moral challenge, and it is hard to reach the target of social justice.

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“Eugenics and Scientific Racism”

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Another cause of racism is narrow-minded thinking. Narrow-minded thinking concepts including prejudice. According to Kleg (1993), he stated that prejudice is different from the actual action, it is one inner position. The most obvious example of it is ethnocentric beliefs, which is one belief from comparing other culture or groups to themselves, and considering others’ culture or groups are inferior. Attitude and personality will contribute to the narrow-minded thinking concepts, this is why psychological prejudice turns into action and even violence, and Adorno (1950) had done some researches to figure out the relationship between attitude, personality and prejudice. And Kleg reported it to a specific concept: someone tries to force vulnerable people to accept their ideas in recognition of a power figure, symbol or ideology.

A third cause of racism is and unbalanced social development. As the largest developing country, China started relatively late in economic and political aspects, leading to the fact that it has not yet reached the level of developed countries (Zhang, 2003). Chinese in world also get some unfair treatment (Gee, Spencer, Chen & Takeuchi, 2007). Nevertheless, many Chinese are discriminated whether at home or abroad. Because of the uniqueness of China’s labor market, the discrimination in China’s labor market is special. In terms of employment, career choice, wage and income, agricultural labor force has been under the institutional discrimination of the government. The gender discrimination suffered by women is related to the ‘pre labor market discrimination’ in which men are more important than women. The labor force in underdeveloped areas suffers from employers in coastal developed areas. Because of the different types of discrimination, different methods should be adopted to eliminate discrimination (Yang 2015).

This essay has discussed the causes of racism. Specifically, it has discussed the theory of eugenics, narrow-minded thinking concepts, unbalanced social development. Racism is a very big global problem nowadays. It includes not only black people who were discriminated against by white people, Asian people being discriminated against by people in other states, but also including some conflicts in one country. In today’s increasingly progressive world, the gap between rich and poor among countries and nations will widen, and it may also lead to racism.

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