Importance of Uniform in School

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United States of American seem to know as the country of freedoms. They have so many freedoms that other country doesn't have. When it comes to education, preschool up to high school most likely free if it public school. In some other countries, education is not free at all and most of the school have to wear uniforms. In America thing are different, it up to the parents to choose whether they want their kids to wear school uniform or not. 

Lately thing have change up, going to school not save anymore just by based on what your wear. Kids get bully just by what they wear, gang violence increases, and students' academic are decline. Wearing uniforms to school can help reduce bully, peer pressure, gang violence and improve their academic. Bully happen in school every day. Students that don’t wear nice clothes most likely to get pick. According to Chloe Spencer, 'In America, where a majority of schools do not have a uniform, roughly 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. This might not be directly linked to what they’re wearing but having a uniform can be a safety net for many students who might otherwise suffer from bullying.'(Spencer, paragraph 6) School uniforms can help reduce bully and if school have students wear uniform that will not happen.

School uniform can make all students as same level and no individual would be made fun of. According Mr. Thain, 'Although different brands might be worn in some districts, some that may be associated with the wealthy class, the overall appearance of each student is similar. This reduces the barriers that poverty and wealth naturally create.'(Thain, paragraph 4) all students from different background and class. Some might be upper class, and some might be lower class, and not all of them can afford nice clothes.  Students more focus on what they wear instead of focus on their education. When wearing school uniforms students can concentrate on their studies and not comparing their clothes with other students. According to David L, Brunsma state that, 'It is typically assumed, as exemplified in Long Bench, that uniforms are the sole factor causing direct change in numerous behavioral and academic outcomes.

Those pronouncements by uniforms proponents have raised strident objections and created a political climate in which public school uniform policies have become highly contested.'(Brunsma 54). Having same clothes will contribute team building and feeling of dignity for being the students of a certain educational institution. 

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