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Dress code I understand that there is a huge contrversy going on about the dress code being sexist. Our dress code may be updated every year but that doesnt mean it need to be updated to respect everyone. In my opinion, the answer to the question of dress code in our schools being sexist is yes. The enforced dress code in schools is a double standard that punishes girls, due to being a distraction for boys because they're unable to have control over their hormones. The idea that a visible shoulder or stomach skin will keep boys from learning is just ridiculous and unbelievable.

A school's priority should be to create a learning environment for everyone, rather than praising boys and shaming girls, because of their clothing options. I believe that the dress code in schools should be fair and enforced upon everyone, rather than targeting the female gender. Girls shouldn't take the blame for boys actions because of what they wear. Enforcing these unreasonable dress codes upon girls is just shaming them and blocking them from expressing themselves.

The next question on my mind is, where is the dress code for boys? When I look at the student handbook and go to the dress code section, I don't see any rules that apply to males. As I see teachers follow the protocol of disciplining kids for breaking the dress code, I witness boys being told to pull their pants up and then they'd be sent back to class. If it was another situation where the female was breaking dress code she would be sent to the office and asked to call her parents, so she can change her clothing. Girls cannot control the actions of boys and they shouldn't be considered the problem when it comes to boys being distracted. I also wonder when boys will start to take responsibility and disciplined for their actions.

Another problem I witness have witnessed at school is boys not keeping their hands to themselves. Females are much more than a distraction and what people see on the outside. We should be treated with respect rather than being deemed the problem of distraction in classes. Today in schools, dress codes are targeting females the worst and shaming them.

Schools make it seems like girls are to blame for the disruptions from boys. Although I believe school dress codes are sexist, I also believe their needs to be one to prevent things happening within the schools. The dress code should be applied and forced upon everyone, rather than targeting one gender and one body type. Instead of always bashing and punishing girls because of what they wear, schools should be creating a learning environment where everyone is treated equally and feels comfortable in what they wear.

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