Romanticism and the Gothic Movement

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The Romanticism and Gothic Movement have been around since the 18th century. The Romanticism Movement was between the 18th and 19th century which was during the Enlightenment. The Gothic Movement was first use in a story called The Castle of Otranto. Both Romanticism and Gothic have multiple things in common, and how authors use both movements in a story. Romanticism was an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that started in Europe. This movement also involves our own feelings and experiences with visual arts, music, education etc. William Blake was dominate by spiritual visions, which influenced his working life. He was a believer in freedom, mostly for women. In 1782 he married Catherine Boucher which taught him to read, write and draw. He published his first books after he left the academy, his first book was Poetical Sketches. Authors used Romanticism to write poem and story because they could express their emotions, and feel free of what they were writing. Authors would get more emotional with Nature and it brought them to write more about their emotions. When others decided to value reason over emotion during the Enlightenment, Romanticism authors were opposed to it. The Gothic Movement focused on ruin, decay, death, terror, and chaos. The Gothic Movement is one of the deepest and saddest movement. Instead of being joyful and happy, it's the opposite. Gothic flourished in Europe during the late Middle ages. It evolved Romanesque architecture and succeeded by Renaissance architecture. Gothic is the darkest branch, and it grew in response of the Historical, Sociological, and Psychological and political context. Horace Walpole was the first to use Gothic in a novel, his first book was The Castle of Otranto??. Authors used the Gothic Movement to expresses some of their feelings, or just entertain people. The Gothic and Romanticism Movement were between the Middle Ages. They share multiple things in common, and they are used in an everyday basis. For both, authors use their imagination, individualism, and express their feelings while writing their story. Both movement came from Europe. Authors used both to express their feeling and entertain others. Writers for both where peering both Natural expressions. Their architecture is similar to each other and they both came from Europe. Romanticism and the Gothic Movement have been around for several decades, and authors use it to be more expresable of how they feel. Both movements were used by the same authors. The new generations now use these movements to write their owns stories, and express their feelings in a better way.
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