Revolutionary Things during the Romanticism

During the time of Romanticism, there were many factors at play that played a revolutionary part in the art, literature, and music of the nineteenth century. From stressing strong emotion to elevating folk art, language, and custom Romanticism arose in contrast to the rationalism of the Enlightenment. The “revolutionary” influences during this particular era were due to the French Revolution.

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Many romanticists rejected aristocracy and the “privileged”. Ideas such as the theory of evolution and uniformitarianism, which pushed the idea that the past held the key to the present, were just some of the main points in its progressiveness. Looking back to the Middle Ages people began to perceive it to be the pinnacle of art and narrative and set out to retrograde their modern culture. In visual art, embraced freedom, equality, and the promotion of justice whereas painters began to shed light on injustices in dramatic ways that rivaled the more appropriate art at the time. Emphasizing individuality and opinion, artists began incorporating a mood element into their art by manipulating diverse emotional and psychological conditions.

In many countries, for example, painters began to use a technique known as plein air, or outdoors, painting. Paying attention to extreme detail of colors and shadows of a landscape or, in a metaphorical sense, portraying humans as being one with nature. Literature during this era, like many other aspects, emphasizes feeling. From this, some of the earliest and most profound writings of the period were found here. However, most people would believe that poetry would be in this category.

Instead, I believe that the written proclamations and the spoken word on the nature of human beings and creative expression, such as Williams Wordsworth’s Preface to Lyrical Ballads, best defines the breakdown of the entire era. He believed that through attention to minute detail, the most mundane objects, feelings, and adventures could be raised to the sensational.

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