Baroque Vs Romanticism Art

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Baroque Art

Art is broadly defined as the expression of human creativity through activities like storytelling, painting, music, architectural designs, and dance. Baroque art is one of the many types of art practiced in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. This type of art originated from Rome and later spread to other parts of the world including America. The term baroque is of Portuguese origin and it means a pearl of an irregular shape.

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“Baroque Vs Romanticism Art”

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The baroque art was associated with the Catholic Church and came into existence after Martin Luther wrote down his 95 theses in 1517 (Gershit et al).Martin Luther was in constant war with the Catholic church over issues like the supreme authority of scriptures and justification of faith. This led to the start of the Protestant Reformation which spread across continents and triggered the start of new Protestant churches. In response, the Catholic Church started internal reformation to educate its faithful about the Catholic doctrines and theology.  Since most people were still illiterate at that time, the Catholic Church used art so as to explain their faith to both educated and uneducated believers. This decision led to the introduction and use of baroque art.

The Baroque art is known to be direct, very obvious and dramatic. This kind of art is emotionally involving and intense. It involves the dramatic use of color to easily draw the audience into participation. Baroque art is widely known for its use of extravagant ornaments and settings.

Mackay in her book, The Art of Manliness, notes that Baroque art comprised of powerful designs and dramatic contrasts between lightness and darkness. MacKay identifies major themes of Baroque art as intense light, intense mind involving moments, ecstasies, grandiose visions, martyrdom and death. Baroque art felt both psychologically and emotionally real.

Baroque art had several styles such as paintings, sculptures, and architectural designs.

Some key examples of Baroque artistic features include the ecstasy of St. Teresa done by Giovanni Lorenzo in 1652, the Conversion on the way to Damascus done in 1601 by Caravaggio, the Crucifixion of Saint Peter done in 1615, the Four Continents of 1615 and Descent from the Cross of 1634 by Rembrandt (Janson et al).Others famous baroque arts of work are the Martyrdom of Saint Matthew, Supper at Emmaus and the Entombment of Christ.

This extravagant, intricate and ornamental type of art was by far the most famous artists of its time. Its importance to the Catholic Church was motivated by the urge to counter the simple art used by the Protestants. Baroque influence also covered the 19th century with baroque architecture constructions still prevalent in America. This art is clearly one of the most striking and vibrant in the art history in America and globally.

Romanticism Art

Romanticism is a form of art that contains many types. It started in the late 18th century inside Europe. Romanticism had a certain influence on politics. In order to pursue people’s ideal life, they took their weapon and had an uprising. And also, except for the influence on politics, it also had impacts on history and educational ideas. These things had big changes. Romanticism stresses beauty and freedom. So in the period of romanticism, the mind of people changed, people’s appreciation of beauty changed too. The main forms in romanticism are music, art, and literature.

French romanticism appears first in art and then in music. French romanticism developed late in literature. After few years of the French Revolution and Napoleon suffered a defeat the last time in his life, the wave of romanticism began to spread in France. People started to quote drawing,  write music, write articles etc. to express what they hope and what they want in their mind. At that time, these artworks had been called: works of art in the peered of romanticism. And also, at that time, different artists have their own style, but this didn’t show a mess, this can only explain that in France, romanticism has no single forms. So my definition of French romanticism is: diversify and colorful.

We know that romanticism is a period that pursuit beauty and freedom. But as we mentioned earlier, in romantic periods, everyone has their own unique aesthetic. So there is no single form of romanticism, it is rich and colorful. Nowadays, people may understand romanticism as lyrical, full of music, beautiful and quiet. But when you investigate at romanticism, you will find that romanticism is not just a small part of the characteristics, it also has a few of its biggest characteristics: true, rich, human. 

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