Hayez and his Works during the Romanticism

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In Europe, and specifically Italy, Love was expressed through a series of literary works and paintings. In paints, the use of color, texture and environment and culture brings out the concept presentation of love and time as desired by the artist. Hayez was very talented and often used socio-cultural impacts to explain the love component of the society. The emotional scenic demonstration of love through pictorial paints were bound to be interpreted differently, since everyone perceives a picture differently. However, the themes that Hayez stressed on were very much outstanding and logically equivocal. To date his paints are treasured in national museums in Italy, Germany and France (The National Gallery, London). One of his major works, the Melancholy was very emotional and showed a concrete imaginative ability of expressing in love in a freer dimensional state. That means that love was sometimes an uncontrollable part of the person in true love (Didier & Samedi, 142-154).

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“Hayez and his Works during the Romanticism”

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He was a renowned artist whose works often focused on the free will of action. It is however very imperative to understand that he pushed for change that would come from within an individual, which would help in transforming the mindsets of the various communities to uphold ethics and free will (Elisa). Hayez works were very important in expressing individualism among the people and he often stressed on the emotional attachment on his paintings. As an elite painter, Hayez made sure his work was relevant to the socio political and historical aspects of Italy. The Socio-cultural development in Italy were greatly impacted by the Romanticism movement (Elisa). In Italy, music and love paintings were very common and were expressed in a more emotional way (Rampazzi et al). The common medium of presenting love was basically through painting and literary works which included poetry and novelists writing. Hayez falls in the former category, and exploited every single opportunity of expressing beauty, love and emotion as complete bundle that was necessary for the growth of and nurturing of personal serenity of whoever was the targeted audience. Hayez often presented his symbolic romance in painting while focusing on the melodramatic characteristics of the romanticism (Didier & Samedi, 142-154).

In Italy, the movement was relatively slow and was therefore superseded by the neoclassicism. The refined paintings and the title that they were given often portrayed very definitive and symbolic figure of beauty and environment. The landscape features in Hayezr’s painting as always gave well documented and reliable stature. Talking about Love, ?The Kiss was a very phenomenal work. The paint expresses an undying love, expressed outside in a hall way at a corner that leads to some kind of staircase (Elisa). This work made Hayez vary famous and was highly rated by the contemporaries during his time. The two people kissing were most likely young and required to show each other The two lovebirds were showing very stunning warm and emotional hug, most likely a loving hug. The paint was so romantic that anyone who came across it could not have a different interpretation (Elisa).

At the time of the creation of the paint, love and individualism was a key aspect of themes that Hayez was desperately seeking to express. It is however worthy understanding that this was his most valued romantic paints of all times, and earned him respect in the larger Italy nation as a whole. Love was a very discrete and more complex phenomenon during the Romanticism (Elisa). In his description of free will and implementation of the much sought after love in a rapidly dynamic society, some Hayez work were relatively displaying nudity and romance in a combined model presentation. One such paint is the ?Susanna at her Bath. With a highly valued texture of the paint that presents a more solid picture of a well described aspect of life in a free will society. The paint is analytically said to have emanated from French culture of showcasing nudity in artwork. The free will to express oneself, especially the as a figure of appreciating beauty is boldly expressed in the paint of ?Susanna at her Bath. The artwork is derived from the biblical Susanna from the book of Daniel (Chapter 13), a story of two men who approached and Susanna and lust after her after seeing her nude in her bath. This paint is phenomenally tied to the important aspect of fidelity and true love in society. The nudity depiction shows that if brain is exposed to nude figures, our emotional thoughts and sexuality are visually impacted. Conclusively, romanticism movement was closely tied to love and free will, and that is what Hayez exploited most: the communal aspects and the kind of cultural perspectives that viewed the authority as more of oppressive than beneficial. The movement began in Europe and later on spread to most parts of South and North America (Rampazzi et al).

In American Literature for instance, the movement was used to depict the socio-political impacts of the governing systems. Since the movement was using arts as a medium for presenting the occasions that the people were exposed to, it was bound to last long. In Europe, Romanticism was mainly a way of expressing how the society felt about the freedom that love brought upon different communities. Through painting as an information mechanism, there was a possible way of emancipating the masses about their responsibilities to exercise true love and stop oppression. The love for humanity and was displayed in work through the deep consideration of emotions and individualism. In describing the nature and attitudes of the expected behavioral concepts we realize that Hayez work was pegged to culture and society so much that he became part of the paints literacy (Elisa). Expressing free will and the aspect of love in the days when tyranny and oppression was the theme of life was somewhat an enlightenment that Hayez exploited informationally.

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