Robots Replacing Humans

Artificial Intelligence has become impressively efficient. In some cases, it can complete certain tasks even better than humans. AI has made some amazing progress and it will continue improving. One of the most important aspects of AI is its ability to finish chores and speeding up tasks. Some people might think that robots cannot compete with humans in the job market because they are not able to think or be creative, however, in a near future, AI is going to have a strong negative impact on the job market because robots will increase efficiency and complete almost any task faster than humans.

Robots can be more efficient than humans and they make fewer mistakes in terms of completing any task that requires to be focused and concentrated. Moreover, the capacity of data that a robot can have is massively comparing to humans. AI has a big influence on preventing human error. Having to worry about daily life problems can lead humans to get easily distracted. People have emotions and feelings robots don’t. According to “The Risk of Artificial Intelligence” by Bianca Nogrady, “The leading approach to AI right now is machine learning, in which programs are trained to pick out and respond to patterns in large amounts of data, such as identifying a face in an image or choosing a winning move in a board game”(1). Machine learning is being used in a lot of devices lately. For a human will be almost impossible to memorize such a large amount of data to complete a task as efficient and precise as a robot can do it. This factor position humans in a disadvantage on the job market against robots.

Machines don’t get tired, don’t need a break, or take a day off, also, they are able to produce with little maintenance in faster peace than humans do. According to Clara Moskowitz, “Human-Robot Relationship: Why We Should Worry,” Artificial Intelligence is being used in procedures that would take people too long to be worth doing, due to the huge amounts of information that is analyzed. Most companies don’t want to waste their time, therefore, they are trying to used AI as much as they can in order to stay competitive. As a result, they are replacing workers with machines which is more cost efficient. Humans need medical benefits and work insurance. In contrast, machines only need to be repaired or replaced it, and that can be cheaper for employers. The more likely jobs that are going be replaced sooner, are those that require manufacturing labor. Some machines can be operated with one or two persons and do the work of many more. Having fewer workers and producing more at the same time, it’s convenient for employers but not too much for employees.

In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence will take jobs that were once created by humans, robots are becoming more efficient and faster to complete tasks than humans. The effect on the job market will lead to fewer job opportunities for humans, probably sooner to those with lower education. During the next years will be necessary for a lot of people to be willing to learn as many skills as they can in order to be prepared for automation.  

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