Avians and Humans Relationship to Diseases

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The birds get diseases by some feeders that has bacteria or old food in it, and if a bug bites them and the bug already had a disease. The most common diseases in birds are salmonellosis, trichomoniasis, aspergillosis, avian pox, and lyme disease. Salmonellosis is mostly common in feeders with bacteria in them. Trichomoniasis is a disease that spreads fast in birds if a dove or pigeon has it and a hawk or eagle eat it now they have it. It cause the birds to have sores in their throats and make it to where the birds are not able to swallow anything. Aspergillosis is a fungal infection that can be found in damp or wet seed mix in birds nests. Avian pox is reported to spread 60 bird species. This is a virus found in feeders.

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“Avians and Humans Relationship to Diseases”

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In the world 89,00 to 270,000 of people die from bird flu. The symptoms humans with the disease can have from bird flu and diseases from birds are dry cough, high fever, a blocked or runny nose, aching body, bloody nose, headache, and sleeping difficulty. Birds spread diseases by feathers, nests and faeces. How humans can get a disease is if a person either come in contact with a dead bird, the feathers of one that has the disease and if a bug bites the bird with the disease then bites the human. Depending on how bad the symptoms are either the person can be hospitalized or just have plenty of rest and medication.

Bird diseases aren’t just affecting wild birds or pet birds, it is also affecting poultry. In poultry there is the influenza affecting them. Influenza is a virus that is in their saliva and feces. Poultry may get this if they are in contact with waterfowl. It can spread very quickly through a flock of poultry. Sometimes in poultry it doesn’t show they have a disease till last minute. It can also spread to humans but there is a vaccine you can get to help with not getting it.

In poultry there multiple other diseases like Fowl pox. Symptoms for in fowl pox is when they get white dots on their bodies, laying of eggs stop, and scabby sore on their combs. There are treatments for fowl pox so it’s not a life or death situation for the chickens. Another one of a poultry disease is pullorum. Pullorum affects both chicks and older chickens differently. With the chicks they will show no sign of activity, have white paste on their backside, and show sign of breathing difficulty. With the older ones the show symptoms of sneezing, coughing, and not laying as much or at all.

To help get rid of bird diseases you should clean the feeders every 30 days. If any uneaten food is left over from last feeding then empty and put a less amount of food into clean feeder. If any food fell onto the ground make sure to clean up that so then there won’t be any mold on the ground for them to eat. If birds are fighting get another feeder to help with that. If a dead bird is found around that feeder make sure to stop feeding for 2 weeks and clean the feeder with 10% bleach and 90% water.

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