Related Studies

2. Review of Related Studies This chapter contains the researched review done by the proponents about the related ideas regarding the proposed system. It includes the differences and similarities found among other Intranet — Base Payroll System and Attendance Monitoring System. This chapter constitutes more on the study of the System Literature Side. It covers the related view and ideas presenting other payroll system made possible by other proponents and programmers. To review encompasses the critical aspect of all Payroll System study. 1. Foreign Studies Attache Payroll Attache Payroll (1999) Key Features. Available: https://www. ttachesoftware. com/products/payroll/keyfeatures. asp (July 20, 2010) As a standalone system or as part of a complete accounting package, Attache Payroll has the power and the flexibility to handle it all — from the simplest payroll to the complex needs of larger businesses. Feature-packed yet easy to use, with Attache Payroll your payroll processing will be faster and more accurate than you ever thought possible. Attache Payroll seamlessly integrates with other Attache Software products to enable customized reporting, confidential emailing of pay advices and General Ledger integration (including multiple cost centers) Other features available is the allowing an unlimited number of income types to cater for various calculations and costing requirements (such as overtime, study leave and flexi time) and you can specify your own method of calculation. You can enter a yearly, monthly, 4-weekly, bi-monthly, fortnightly, weekly or hourly pay rate for each employee, independently of their pay frequency. The calculated pay rate per hour can be printed on pay advices. Payment methods include bank (to one or more accounts), cheque, cash (with cash analysis) and cash plus bank. Attache Payroll automatically calculates tax deductions for each pay, taking into account the length of the pay period. You can enter multiple periods to accurately calculate tax for annual leave paid in advance. For employees who receive the same pay each payday, Auto Pays automatically generate the pay. Time sheet entry can be by hours, start/stop time or shifts, in decimals or minutes. You can enter pays as time sheets are received (such as daily) and then process them when the pay is due. Attache’s top-seller status encourages partnerships with a number of specialist time and attendance, time billing and rostering systems. ADP PayForce® ADP (1997) Products and Solutions Available: https://adp. com/solutions/employer-services/payroll/large-business /payforce. aspx (July 20, 2010) ADP PayForce is a payroll solution for large organizations that need hosted services with flexible access. With built-in best practices and secure technology that work in concert with feature-rich functionality, you can feel confident that you are in control of your organization’s vital information. It is an Intranet-based payroll solution designed with ease-of-use and long-term business goals in mind. It enables your payroll professionals to be more productive while maintaining control. With ADP PayForce feature you receive a payroll "results preview," available prior to submission Real-time access to all employee information. Paperless payroll systems including iReports and iPay solutions. Multi-level security configured to your standards. Both standard and ad-hoc reporting with effective dating and audit trails. Navayuga Infotech Navayuga Infotech. (2009) Available: https://www. scribd. com/doc/14473572/Payroll-ManagementSystem-Navayuga-Infotech (July 20, 2010) Navayuga Infotech (NIT) has designed the Payroll Management System (PMS) to streamline all aspects of the payroll process in an organization. The system maintains complete payroll information of the organization. It deals with the financial aspects of an employee's salary, allowances, deductions, gross pay, net pay, etc. and generation of pay-slips. An exceptional benefit of PMS is easy to implement. Online help and documentation is just a click away. Other benefits of PMS are its extensive features and reports. NIT's PMS, takes care of all the statutory requirements related to an employee's payroll management. PMS can be easily customized and upgraded to meet the needs of organizations of any size. The system has a user friendly interface, thus reducing the cost of ownership. The modules are integrated and interoperable. Information retrieval on any particular topic is simple and convenient. 2. 2 Local Studies Supremoft Integra Payroll Master 2009 Supremoft (2007) Integra Payroll Master Available: https://www. supremosoft. com/features2009. html (July 20, 2010) Integra Payroll Master, the best payroll software for any type of businesses all in a single affordable package. Specially designed and developed in Philippine environment that conforms to the country's laws and general practices. As Philippine Payroll software, it has lot of features listed below which will surely benefit you and your business. Integra Payroll Master is a complete payroll, HRIS and timekeeping solution in one package with the most reasonable price in contrast to other payroll software in the market which are sold on a per module basis or a combined modules with a little of everything. It’s a one-time investment but will bring superb saving in a short period of time. Integra Payroll Master is your payroll automation solution. A must-have for every business. Features of the this is as follows: Schedules of each employee’s work/restdays including personal settings of holidays can be set and may be copied to selected employees. Integra Payroll Master also permits setting of 2/3/4/5/6 days work-week. It accommodates flexible schedule that fits even broken schedules such as those in food chains, hospitals, etc. Customize your time and attendance set-up according to your company rules and policy. With unlimited number of employee feature, super-flexible timekeeping and payroll processing, surely, pay rolling time can be reduced by as much as 90% compared to manual pay rolling thereby increasing HR efficiency which can be transposed to a lot of savings in a matter of time. Now people doing the payrolling can devote much of their time to other tasks. With its built-in comprehensive HRIS module, managing Human Resource records has never been this easy. Reasonably priced with superb after-sales service, undoubtedly, Integra Payroll Master is your payroll software of choice. Also produces accurate and reliable reports, tested for several years in different industries. It has more than a hundred insightful reports powered by Crystal Reports, the leading reporting software in the market today. Paycheck Payroll System Paycheck (2000) Product Features Available: https://www. algarinfosys. com/PayCheck. htm (July 20, 2010) PayCheck is an integrated Philippine HRIS and Payroll Software Solution System that manages your company’s (or group of companies') employees and payroll processing. Designed primarily for use by companies operating in the Philippines, It can be used with Employee Smart Card IDs, RFIDs or Barcode IDs (all optional) with biometrics fingerprint or iris scanning authentication to facilitate employee time entries and eliminate fraud. Simply put, PayCheck is a fast, secure, accurate and easy-to-use payroll software solution that simplifies the burden of managing your company’s payroll and HR functions, and lets you concentrate on the other aspects of running your business. PayCheck can support centralized processing for multiple branches or a group of companies, each with its own payroll configuration or payroll policies. Anyone who can use Windows will find PayCheck easy to learn and easy to use! The online help manual and animated tutorials make sure that you always know what to do. PayCheck can generate all types of Payroll-related reports such as Payslips, Paysheets, Contribution Reports, Quarterly Remittance Reports, BIR reports, and even graphical summary reports. PayCheck can be installed on a single PC or multiple PCs over a single network, allowing for multiple users to access the system simultaneously. The System Administrator has complete control over who has access to what. For example, an encoder might be able to enter employee profiles, but only a manager can view and approve payroll figures. Security can also be set per branch or company. Whether you want to use any of our existing time-keeping solutions (biometric fingerprint scanning, iris scanning, RFIDs / contactless / proximity cards, barcode IDs, PIN-entry) or you want us to integrate with your existing hardware - Paycheck is your ideal solution. Infinitech Payroll Philippines with Time Keeping System Infinitech Solutions (2000) Infinitech Payroll System Philippines. Available: https://www. infinitechsolutions. com/payroll_system. html (July 20, 2010) Infinitech PAYROLL Philippines is a powerful client-server based Payroll system basically designed to fit any type of businesses in the Philippines, complete with the government features deduction such as SSS, Pag-Ibig, Philhealth and tax tables. It will help you process and maintain all payroll related reports. Now with Infinitech Payroll System and Time Keeping System, submission of monthly, quarterly and year-end government mandated contribution is just a matter of mouse click and the product will definitely give you infinite and flexible features that will fit your operation. . Synthesis The Attache Payroll Software is kind of system which can standalone and is has the complete package in terms of payroll system unlike the ADP PayForce Attache Payroll Attache Payroll is developed to provide a pay computation system which has a user authentication, auto, auto identification and printed reports. The dissimilarities between Attache and the proposed system for WinServe Solution is the method of calculation. Proposed system only can calculate per hour rate where Attache can be flexible with monthly, i-monthly 4-weekly fortnightly and weekly. The ADP PayForce Payroll System handles the payroll processing needs by calculating pay rates, deductions and printing payslip and other accounting information needed for periodic reporting. It need hosted services unlike with that fit for Intranet-Based Payroll System for WinServe Solutions. The Navayuga InfoTech Payroll System has designed the payroll management system to streamline all aspects on payroll process which are computing employees' salary, allowance and other basic salary computation in an organization. Just like the Intranet-Based Attendance Monitoring Payroll System for WinServe Solutions it minimizes all the process of basic salary computing in payroll system to avoid loss of data in the Accounting Department, it also avoids redundancies of computed data with the same employee. One thing that differentiate the proposed system for WinServe from Navayuga is it supports online documentation the employees and ours has none. .Like the Intranet-Based Attendance Monitoring Payroll System for WinServe Solution. it also automates the payroll system of the company for easy computation, recording and also retrieval of employee records have the similarity with all the system that mention earlier that all flexible system. The Supremoft Integra Payroll Master 2009 automates payroll computation while making recording and retrieval of employee records fast and easy system which contain a single package unlike with the the proposed system for WinServe Solutions which generates different reports. The Paycheck Payroll System is like the Intranet-Based Attendance Monitoring Payroll System for WinServe Solution, this system will help employee to their payroll deductions like tardiness, Philhealth, SSS, Pag-ibig, contributors, tax dues, check-cheer basic salary on daily or monthly computations. Infinitech Payroll Philippines with Time Keeping System is a log-in/log-out system generally to facilitate and simplify the month preparation of general payroll of the company. In attendance monitoring for WinServe Solutions, the company are still using the manual system but half of the process is computerized.
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