One of the Titans the Daughter of Uranus and Gaia

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My research paper is about the goddess Rhea, in my opinion, she is the most intriguing god there is. Rhea was one of the Titans, the daughter of Uranus and Gaea. She was the sister and wife of Cronus, also a Titan. She was responsible for the way things flow in the kingdom of Cronus (her name means ‘that which flows’). Rhea is the Greek Titans of Motherhood, as well as the wife of the Titan King, Kronos, and therefore the Titan Queen of Mount Orthys. My figure is very important in Greek mythology because she is the mother of very important gods such as Zeus and Poseidon. If you conduct further research, you will realize she is basically the mother of all the existing gods. Rhea can also be known as “Rheia”. The second-largest moon of the planet Saturn is named after her. My figure is somewhat related to everyone because she is the mother god. Symbols that represent Rhea are 2 lions. Another one of Rhea’s symbols is the swan. Rhea is a very thought-provoking god. She is protective and daring, she is also patient. In defense of her children, she is ultimately crafty and daring. However, she is patient because she put up with Kronos eating her children for far too long.

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“One of the Titans the Daughter of Uranus and Gaia”

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Rhea gave birth to the most powerful gods there is. The father of Rheas children is Kronos. Kronos is also Rhea’s brother. Some of Rhea children also got wedded to each other. Rhea has more than 10 siblings. Gaia and Uranus told Cronus that just as he had overthrown his own father, he was destined to be overcome by his own child. As a result, Kronos was not the best father as he used to eat his offspring’s; and unceasing grief seized Rhea. However, Rhea was in love with Kronos and decided to put up with him. Rhea’s children were the wise Zeus, god of all the gods. The loud-crashing Earth shaker Poseidon, god of sea and water. Hera, the goddess of marriage. Demeter, the god of harvesting. The mighty Hades, god of the underworld. and Hestia, the goddess of hearth and home. All her children were gods and caused a great impact on Mythology.

Rhea had a problem maintaining her children lives. As I previously said, Kronos, Rheas husband, has a problem eating his offspring. Kronos was warned that soon one of his children would overthrow him. Rhea, Uranus and Gaia formulated a plan to save her children. Rhea concealed the birth of Zeus in a cave on Mount Dicte in Crete. Rhea gave Cronus a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes. He swallowed the stone in belief that it was his infant son, Zeus. Rhea requested her attendants, Kouretes and Dactyls, act as a bodyguard for Zeus. They also were helping conceal his whereabouts from his father. In some accounts, by the will of Rhea a golden dog guarded a goat which offered her udder and gave nourishment to the infant Zeus. Later, Zeus changed the goat into an immortal among the stars while the golden dog that guarded the sacred spot in Crete was stolen by Pandareus. Subsequently, Cronus was vanquished by Zeus and was forced to disgorge the swallowed children.

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