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The authors of this study were interested in what influences casual sex regret. They specifically wanted to know what thing predicted an increase or decrease in regret of casual sex and how those predictors varied by gender. Previous literature has pointed to multiple reasons for individuals regretting casual sex. The authors of this article analyze those reasons and labels them as “predictors.” They hypothesized that disgust and pressure into casual sex would increase regret and that taking initiative for casual sex and the perceived competency of the sexual partner would decrease regret. They did not draw an hypothesis on how these predictors would vary by gender.

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“Casual Sex Regret”

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The sample included university students from the United States and Norway. The Norwegian sample included 929 students with 560 women and 369 men included. The United States sample included 524 students with 321 women and 203 men. For the United States sample participants were offered fulfillment of course requirements; the Norway sample was not incentivized. Only heterosexual participants information was included in the final sample. The survey was comprised of questions relating to casual sex regret and predictors including gratification, worry, disgust, sexual competence, sexual pressure and sexual initiative. In this context, using a survey allowed the authors to analyze as immense amount of information. I feel that if they were to use a different data collection method such as participant observation or focus groups they would not have been able to gather the amount of data they did.

To summarize results: the authors found that in both nations there was a gender difference in the regret of casual sex. The authors then focused on things that increased and reduced the regret of casual sex. In regards to predictors of increase casual sex regret things such as worry, disgust, and high levels of sexual pressure were found. With regards to reduced casual sex regret things like high level of gratification, partner sexual competency and initiative to engage in the casual sex encounter were found. The most significant predictor of regret was disgust, as the authors hypothesized.

There is limitations in the way the authors drew their sample. Seeing as they compare Norway and the United States, having such a difference in sample size could impact results. Additionally, the American sample had an incentive whereas the Norwegian sample did not. There should be some consideration of this when the authors address the sampling but there is not.

This article both confirms and denies the myth I am studying relating to men and women’s differing experiences with sexuality. It confirms this as the research found there is a difference between men and women with casual sex regret. Although, it denies this as men and women both experience some level of regret in relation to casual sex.  

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