European Countries Discarded Punishment

Capital punishment is one of its kinds that spurs varied confrontations by experts when it comes to its application. Portugal and some European countries discarded punishment by death as a mean to show that life has a meaning. It was a way of preserving and showing the importance of human life. Most of these values that go against capital punishment have been instilled by Christian virtues which call for people to have respect for human life.

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“European Countries Discarded Punishment”

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However, some crimes are far too immense to be tolerated with simple punishment thus calling for punishment by death. These practices are not only carried in developing countries but are also widely practiced in developed countries such as the US. In this context, we will explore in depth why capital punishment is favorable and as opposed to other kinds of sentences.
Most of the crimes that befit capital crimes are often associated with treason, terrorism, rape, and serial killing. Criminals who commit this kind of acts have mastered the art and cannot be able to change their character as quickly as we may like to think. They have taken years to develop the evil mind that drives them to commit such atrocities. Punishing them with simple sentences such us several years in maximum prison will not be able to change them. Or prevent them from committing another crime like that. Thus, ending their life is the only way to contain them.

Another reason for capital punishment concerns the cost of up keeping the murderers and rapist in prison. The resources the government uses to keep them in prison comes from citizens through the taxation system. These monetary resources are exhaustible commodities and should be put to better use like helping the orphans, the elderly and the sick people instead of catering for long terms imprisonment of rapists and murderous people. Also, the long process it takes in the justice system, and court appeal should be cut short from an average of 12 years to a considerable time limit.

Capital punishment is a real kind of execution as opposed to others forms used to help reform the criminals into becoming a better person. To most, rehabilitation does not work out, and the criminals end up playing along to get paroles. When they are out of prison, they go back to their usual criminal lives. However, execution makes it possible for the criminals to suffer in equal proportions to the crimes they committed. An eye for an eye is a better way to solve some of the issues since it will deter any upcoming criminals from engaging in similar kind of offenses.


Some research studies raise questions about the suitability of the execution method claiming that it is not a deter crimes. This, however, is hard to prove since the number of executions in any given country is always lower than other sentences given for various crimes. Looking at Singapore, where the number of executions is high, the number of capital crimes, on the other hand, is far less as compared to countries such as Britain which abolished the punishment by execution (Bohm 16). This shows that the method is suitable for dealing with serious offenses.
Without the execution, people will commit heinous crimes and expect to spend their lives in prisons. Which in many cases, criminals are used. To some, jail is a better home far away from home. The fear of death invokes a second thought to people trying to commit capital crimes. Thus, the method helps to a high degree contains the crimes. As a result, the approach should not only be adopted in many countries, but it should also be strengthened.

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