Racial Segregation

Racial segregation is an issue that still exists in some parts of united states of united states of America for instance in Birmingham. Racial segregation is practice and habit of restricting or even prohibiting certain race of people to a given region or also separating institutions like churches, schools and hospitals as well as facilities like playgrounds, parks restrooms and restaurants from skin color pigment. The segregation of race gives certain race more economic advantage and superiority of social status more than the others.

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For instance in the USA the whites population are more dormant, and they ranked themselves very high than the African Americans. The opposition to racial segregation has led various black activists to be jailed since they organize nonviolent demonstrations. The paper critically analyses the document that was written by Martin Luther king Jr.at Birmingham jail.

The document “”Letter from a Birmingham Jail (King, Jr.)”” was written by Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was jailed at Birmingham, and the letter was written on April 16th, 1963. State authorities arrested Martin Luther King, Jr. After organizing a nonviolent demonstration that was meant to eliminate the impunity that the Negro was experiencing from the whites. Luther together with other activists waited for a very long time for things to change in Birmingham by addressing the issue the issue of racial segregation that was predominant in the region. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote the letter to his fellow clergymen to create more awareness on the subject of racial discrimination, and also he wanted to justify that what he did of organizing nonviolent demonstration was not something illegal since he was fighting for Negros rights and freedoms.

The letter wrote by Martin Luther King Jr. is still exist in most of the American libraries since it marks the journey of Americans how they have evolved since the time in 1963 the racial segregation was an issue to today where such cases are rare. The document was created as a result of issue of racial discrimination and injustices that the Negros undergo on the hands of the white, and it was evidenced by the fact that African American children were not allowed to play in the playgrounds and park that were meant for white children, blacks have experienced unfair judgments in federal courts, as well as some of the Negros churches and homes, were bombed yet the cases remained unsolved.

The letter clearly illustrates how life was in Birmingham in 1963, the life of Negros was not that much good sense, and their compatriot’s whites racially discriminated them. They were deprived of justice in courts as well they undergone a lot of humiliation in front of their master’s Whites. For instance, they were not respected since the whites used to call some of them by referring their first name as “”Nigger”” second names as ‘boy’ as well as black women were also not respected because there was no use of the word like ‘Mrs.”” as supposed to be. Secondly, people lived based on racial segregation, certain areas were meant only for whites, and the Negros were prohibited in such areas. Other areas like schools, churches, and parks were also separated based on races. For instance, children of Negros were not allowed to play in parks instead they were referred to go to Fulton streets where blacks lived.

The first thing that the Martin Luther King Jr. said to support its fight for freedom of Negros was that oppressed individuals could not remain oppressed forever. The statement is compelling and it a source that incited more Negros to rise and fight for their rights and freedom. It clearly shows that when an oppressor is tired of humiliations and injustices, the oppressed is going to react even if it is through breaking the laws to be heard. For instance, Martin together with other Negros after waiting for long for leaders and government to address the issue of unfair treatments and the parties failed, they took the matter into their own hands by organizing the demonstrations to be heard.

The second statement that formed the basis of Luther actions was that freedom is not given voluntarily by oppressors; freedom must be demanded by the victimized. Therefore, when all peaceful ways of addressing the issues of injustices all failed, it was advisable for Negros to use force in their campaigns to be heard and their impact to be felt. However, the consequence of using force led to being arrested by police officers and charged for their misconducts, but the effect of the demonstration led to the awareness of the need to change.

The third statement that formed the basis of the argument was that sometimes on the face of view law is just but unjust where it is applied. For instance, it is illegal to conduct any violent actions like demonstrations since the law prohibits, however, when demonstrations the only call to stop the unfairness, it would be unjust to charge those individuals who participated in the demonstration in advocating their rights. Nevertheless, the law will find them guilty since it is illegal to use violence in protests.

The overall significance of the letter is that it informs us we have to remain bold and courageous in fighting the impunity that is existing in our society. Secondly, racial segregation always brings conflicts, and unless the community addresses the issue, there will be constant fights between races. Finally, sometimes is advisable to use force in fighting for justice especially when all the nonviolent techniques have failed.

The documents have left a lot of question to be answered, the documents have not shown the reader whether the Martin together with his allies were given their freedom or not, secondly the document failed to answer the question who was the God of the Negros and lastly, the document was unable to explain how the letter reached the clergymen.

The critical historical event that was taking place at this time was fighting for injustices that Negros experiences that were brought as results of racial segregation. Similarly, it marks the need for American society to emphasize on equality on both races. The document fits very well in the topic of America History and in the unit that takes about race and racial segregation. It compliments what I have learned in that it shows some of the racial segregations that African Americans underwent and the course of alarm to change the situation.

In conclusion, racial segregation is something that in the past used to be a significant issue affecting American society, However, in today’s society the problem still exist but at the lower level. In the past black communities were the most people who were affected by racial segregations and some who fought for their rights found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Therefore, for peaceful coexistence in our society, the issue of racial segregation must be addressed adequately.


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