Racial Discrimination in the US

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“Racial Discrimination in the US”

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I am writing to you because of the racial discrimination that a lot of African Americans face in the United States.

Racial discrimination involves the thought that various races are more superior to other races in the community. Racial discrimination in the United States has been the most important issue since the colonial as well as the slave era. Lawfully approved racial discrimination forced a severe burden on the African Americans. European Americans were from the start at an advantage since the ruling favored them in issues of literacy standards, acquisition of land as well as voting rights. The first racially structured establishments at the time comprised slavery, residential schools for American natives and also confinement camps. However, racial bias became prohibited in the middle of the 20th century, but politics on race remained a critical phenomenon in the territory of America. Racial discrimination unrelentingly took place in all institutions of the community including education sectors, employment, and shelter as well as lending of loans.

Segregation, as well as slavery, played a significant role amounting to inequalities as well as racism in America. Slavery was a form of forced labor which existed in the United States of America as an authorized institution. The first Africans landed in 1619, and that was the beginning of slavery. Forced labor steadily spread to regions which had productive soils where people grew high price cash crops. During the 18th century, imperial courts, as well as the legislatures, radicalized slavery. That formed a caste system where forced labor applied entirely to African Americans. On the other hand, American natives were also sporadically forced to slavery.

Slavery became a delicate matter in the political affairs of the United States hence it became an issue of discussion when drafting the constitution. Also, it became the biggest problem in the cases of the Supreme Court. Slaves resisted the validation of slavery as well as the entire association which supported it. To demonstrate their disappointment, they held rebellions. Consequently, they escaped slavery by migrating to Canada as well as nonslaves states. They fought to create their culture. Although white laws, as well as stereotypes, silenced them, Africans created their own distinct culture. They mixed their traditions as well as Christian ideas and formed a religion, their version of Christianity. Their rebellions, although infrequent as well as small, were used to express their beliefs on slavery and add to their culture. The slave desire for liberty as well as freedom became an important part of African American culture.  Thus, activists of abolitionism such as Martin Luther King were regularly engaged in moral as well as political discussions in an attempt to promote the establishment of Free States as western development proceeded. Slavery was the key theme which led to the beginning of the civil war in America. When the Union won the war, forced labor became prohibited all over the United States.

My sister, in spite of significant steps in racial parity, the lasting consequences of slavery, as well as racism, is still evident today. Black women like you may experience some of the inequities, disparities as well as injustices across the social as well as the economic order. Compared with white women you shall have high levels of poverty as well as unemployment. Also, you are more likely to be targeted by and come in contact with the system of the criminal justice. Black women get subordinated in that way because patterns of race, class, domination a well as gender get built into the structure of the society.

Racial discrimination, in other words, is socially or structurally patterned. Too often explanations of those perceptions suggest that culture, as well as biology, is the key.  I argue that race, as well as gender, is important only since they are socially ranked. It is the social reaction to the color as well as the sex that result in discrimination. Although we don’t reduce the relevance of ethnicity, the challenge with cultural diversity as the key explanations of racial discrimination is the inclination to marginalize each cultural grouping, to view it as distinctive, and also to imply that every culture varies from some supposed standard. That regularly leads to blaming other individual’s cultural practices as well as values thus leading to racial discrimination. It is, therefore, the right time that the civil right act, which covers discrimination towards race or color, comes into a real performance as well as action. It is worthy to claim that African Americans especially women get deprived of their human rights. Therefore my sister, the nongovernmental organizations that you are working with should augment campaigns against racial discriminations without facing threats or fear of the authority. We African Americans must familiarize with our rights and carry a harsh campaign against discrimination.  Also, we should press the local government to protect minority groups like us from discrimination so as to enhance the well-being of each citizen.

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