Racial Disccrimination in a Raisin in the Sun

Although more solutions have been introduced to solve the ongoing issue of racism, it continues to affect modern society, and has existed as a problem all throughout history. In the play ‘A Raisin in the Sun’, the Youngers, an African American family of five, faces many harsh obstacles such as violent and unjust racism against them. The Youngers are obligated to accept that their way of life will not be as equivalent as those that are white since they conclude that it is honorable to abuse the blacks for doing nothing but attempting to live an equal life. Though racism issues have evolved since the play ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ was written, its relevance still is present in today’s world while it additionally is significant to modern society, since people of color were and in some places still, are demonetized because of their race which is a major problem. Racism is materialized in Hansberry’s play during the various periods where the Younger family was mistreated and looked down on based on their race. The family then realized that it was not just them who were being treated in an unfair and violent manner, but it was other colored people who were, for example, being forced out of their homes by bombings. A friend of the Youngers, explains to them how risky it is to move into the all white neighborhood they desire to live in. She intensely declares, ‘You mean you ain’t read ’bout them colored people that was bombed out their place out there’ (Hansberry, 100)! People of color were being mistreated, threatened, and forced to live in highly hazardous neighborhoods. Whites concluded that they were superior over blacks, so they assumed it was legitimate to harm as well as abuse the colored people.

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“Racial Disccrimination in a Raisin in the Sun”

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An example of this injustice is getting bombed out of their own homes which is extremely unjust and cruel. A racist white man named Linder clearly is attempting to force the Younger family to involuntarily move out of their home, as they are a colored family in an all-white neighborhood when he utters 2 that ‘incidents’ frequently occur when blacks move into all-white neighborhoods. ‘I am sure you people must be aware of some of the incidents which have happened in various parts of the city when colored people have moved into certain areas’ (Hansberry, 116). Linder says ‘you people’ meaning they are not thought as being equal to the so thought superior white race. This is verification that the Youngers are looked down on and not treated equivalently to whites that live in the neighborhood as well. Walter Younger expresses how little he thinks of the race of people upon him and his family. He believes that they are stuck in the middle of a period where blacks have such little rights and are treated so unfairly that they are not able to live their lives to their full potential as a result of their race. ‘Cause we all tied up in a race of people that don’t know how to do nothing but moan, pray and have babies’ (Hansberry 87)! Walter expresses his feelings recklessly to his family saying things such as people of their race are less privileged and given much fewer opportunities than whites. Not being able to do anything except ‘moan, pray, and have babies’, signifies that Walter believes their way of life is not acceptable and is highly inconsiderate. He is implying that while the wealthier and more prosperous people in the community are living their best lives, the lower class citizens such as blacks, are left to struggle and fend for themselves.

Racism still lives on in modern society since people are entitled to have their own opinions about the difference between whites and blacks. Nevertheless, that does not hand them the right to be violent and unjust towards the people of color. Even though racism has evolved, that does not mean that the issue is completely solved. As stated by Dr. James Herron of Harvard University, ‘It seems to me there’s a great deal of continuity between current discourse and past racial ideology’. To put this differently, racism has slightly evolved compared to then because the discussions and issues in modern society are quite similar to former conversations and problems. In addition, most Americans believe that racism is a primary concern in our modern society today. According to a 3 Pew Research Center survey, ‘8% of Americans say racism is a ‘big problem in our society’. Just 12% say racism in the U.S. is a small problem or not a problem’. Even though more action has been taken against racism, the majority of Americans vocalize that it is a major problem in society today, although very few believe that racism is a small or nonexistent issue.

Therefore, racism is still present today, while it also is a crucial issue in modern society. Racism can result in violence, which enrages certain areas of the public. Stories like this, where blacks are harmed for doing almost nothing wrong, confirm the fact that racism is a present trouble in modern society. Christina Caron, a New York Times reporter exposes two white police officers for beating a black man by stating, ‘During the arrest, Mr. Rush was shocked with a Taser, choked and beaten by Officer Hickman, according to police records’. The tragic story of a black man who was brutally abused by two white police officers outraged people of the public. The black man, Mr. Rush was accused of jaywalking and was beaten severely for it. Racism is portrayed here as Mr. Rush was certainly not committing a crime that was worth getting mistreated for doing. Therefore, he was being treated unjustly because of his race since both the officers were white, and he was African American. Vile acts of racism, division and discrimination are repugnant to American values and have no place in our society today. Racism absolutely should not be a factor in whether a person is successful in life as America is the land of the free, and opportunities should be available to all, regardless of what they look like or where they originate from.

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