Single Parent Households Problems

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There are many problems in the United States right now, but I think a major problem that many people don't talk about is single parent households. According to a new Pew Research

Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, the amount of U.S. children living with an unmarried parent has more than doubled since 1968, jumping from 13% to 32% in 2017. I don’t think everyone understands all the stress and issues that getting a divorce and being a single parent has, as my parents are divorced and you just wish sometimes that your parents could just be happy with each other, but knowing that won't happen is tough.

Children of single parents face adjustment difficulties at home and school. During the first few years after divorce, children have increased rates of anxiety, aggression, and difficulties in school, than their two-parent counterparts. Multiple sources, both scientific and empirical, state children of single-parent families have lower test scores and higher school dropout rates than children from two-parent families. Additionally, children of single-parent households have higher rates of absenteeism and overall lower education levels. They also suffer from decreased motivation. Additionally, children of single parents seem to have more difficulty forming relationships with their peers. Once they’re mature, they are more likely to marry and have children early, then divorce; and girls from single-parent families have a greater chance of becoming single mothers, themselves. Fortunately, despite the mixed findings on long-term effects, it seems the majority of children from single-parent families adjust and don't experience severe long-term effects.

Single parents seem to continually be arguing, both publicly and privately, and for those needing assistance, it can be even more intense. The greatest issue is, once again, poverty. The pressures of constantly worrying about money causes intense stress. Add to this the sadness parents in poverty experience when they have to say ""no"" to their children's needs and wants, and it's easy to see how poverty can become overwhelming. Loneliness is another challenge single parents face. Not only is the single parent unable to share day-to-day difficulties and responsibilities with the other parent, they cannot share the joys either. If the parent is single due to death or tragedy, it can be even more difficult and isolating. And it may surprise some people to know that a sense of loss can accompany single-parent status. Becoming a single parent is a big life change, and we tend to remember more good things than bad when we reflect. There is also a chance that conflict with the other parent will continue, particularly over visitation and support issues. If the other parent is controlling, a custody battle can result, often going back and forth for years. This happened with my parents, where I didnt get to see my mom for like 6 months, which was very hard for me.

According to the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics Forum (, nearly 30 percent of children were part of a single-parent family in 2006. In the bulk of those single-parent families, primary caregivers were mothers. Currently, there is a very limited amount of information available on the effects single-parent family situations have on children. Divorce increased in the 1960s and 1970s, prompting a study on how divorce impacts children that were forced into single-parent households. The study on the effects of divorce on children was made by Paul R. Amato, a professor of Sociology at Pennsylvania State University. Differentiating between the different groups is important because families vary depending on how children were raised. For example, in his article published in The Future of Children, Amato writes that children of divorced parents that were not aware of their parents’ marital difficulties suffer greater adverse effects than those who have been exposed to the ongoing deterioration of their parents’ relationship. Sociologists undoubtedly do their best to consider all possible variables before providing answers to complicated questions. Arlene Skolnick and Stacey Rosencranz worked together on a study monitoring the effects of divorce on children. The project results revealed that, though the single-parent lifestyle is associated with many problems facing children, the causes to the problems themselves are different.

I don't know if your parents are divorced or not, but if not I think you should be very thankful. You should be thankful that you know when you come home you will have two parents to support you. I hope the rate of Single parent households goes down so that people can have an amazing childhood and not have to worry about things some children have to. Lastly, I ask that you love your parents with all your heart because they have done so much for you and love you so much.

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