A Self-Reflection Essay about the Goals of Becoming a Computer Scientist for NASA

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Given that the begin of secondary school, I have placed second in Regionals and also States in Public Speaking 1 for Future Service Leaders of America (FBLA). I was even certified to advance to FBLA Nationals in 2015. My innovation to Nationals last year opened the possibility to speak to the BCPS Board of Education at the Board of Education Satisfying in May 2013. In addition, I have placed second in Regionals for Service Presentation and also will certainly be advancing to States in April 2014. I have actually likewise maintained a 3.88 GPA for the past year. Additionally, I have actually still continued to be committed to plan occasions as well as volunteer for Trick Club.

This summer season, I wish to get a job, get more hrs on volunteer service, and perhaps take a college class. My other objectives in high school are to area (leading 10) in Nationals for FBLA in the future. I additionally want to obtain a 2400 or a rating extremely near to it on the SAT I. Additionally, I prepare to take the Math Degree 1 as well as Physics SAT II examinations and wish to get scores close to an 800. Furthermore, I want to get a 5 on the AP Globe History Examination and also 4's as well as 5's on my future AP tests. Also, I would like by the time I'm an elderly to bring my GPA to a 3.9.

Furthermore, I intend to be in National Honor Society and also to get a leadership placement for junior and also elderly year. In order to get to these objectives, I require to improve my weak areas of the SAT. I will do this by self-studying, taking a SAT Preparation course over the summer season, and also taking a SAT Preparation program for junior year. Likewise, in order to get right into National Honor Culture, I require to complete my needs as well as kip down my forms on time. Also, to get 4's and 5's on the AP examinations, I need to dedicate to examine sessions 3-4 times a week 3 months prior to the test.

In addition, I need to devote myself to my competitive occasion and my clubs in order to be positioned in FBLA Nationals and get a leadership placement. In addition to that, I will certainly finish my return to, complete job applications, sign up for college classes and dedicate myself to volunteer solution at institution to get a job, take college classes and enhance my volunteer hours. Finally, to raise my grade point average so as to get a 3.9, I have to continue to do my college work and try to get directly A's for the remainder of my high school occupation.

While in secondary school, I have a suitable of what my prepare for the future are. My preferred major for college would be Computer Science with a minor in Electrical Engineering. The place of the colleges that I'm seeking are not in the state of Maryland, yet ideally 4-6 hours far from home. As a visual aspect, I intend to be in college somewhere in the north eastern or southeast. The colleges that have actually contacted me and also I will preserve contact with, Fight it out College, Boston University, Northwestern University, and Rochester Institute of Modern Technology. In the summer season of junior and also elderly year, I will speak to other universities like Yale, Virginia Technology, and Brown College to arrange college sees. This year I have been entailed for social work within the college. I intend to volunteer at the Fashion Show, some Key-Club based tasks, as well as a task that I'm presently doing for my advice counselor. For social work outside of college, I will be offering for the Arts and Craft Celebration at the Hampton Plaza for the loss and spring and I may volunteer over the summer at the collection. I prepare this summer to obtain a work near the Towson area, ideally at Shake King, Barnes & Noble, or a store at the Towson Community Mall.

For referrals, I chose the adhering to teachers: Dr.Dissinger, Ms.Schweitzer, and also Mrs. Tazeelar-Ngo. I would certainly select these teachers because they have known me considering that 9th grade and also have seen my growth in English, IT, and also Mathematics. Starting in late February, I will prepare to examine for the AP Globe Background test to get a 5. This summer season, I will examine for the SAT by buying books and apps connected to the SAT, taking a SAT Prep Course over the summertime, and also taking a SAT Preparation Program over the academic year so as to get a 2400 or a score very near to it. Throughout junior year, I will certainly better examine scholarships for summer programs and college. I wish that in my junior year, I will have a management placement in FBLA that will manage the fundraising of the events. I prepare in the summer season of elderly year to take classes outside of secondary school. I intend to apply/go to the Brownish Pre-College Summer Programs, Yale at Expo, or the MIT Minority Introduction to Design & Scientific research, among others. I also plan to additionally go into public speaking competitions and stick with FBLA competitions entailing public speaking.Lastly, the summer of elderly year, I will certainly practice college essays to get an edge in the university application process.

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