Pregnancy Genetic Testing

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Marshaee’ Knowles Prenatal Genetic Testing Many medical advances are being made today in the area of genetics. One of the most talked about is prenatal genetic testing. The purpose of prenatal genetic testing is to obtain information on a baby’s health before they are born. This new technology will definitely improve the quality of human life. Diseases will be diminished and through new advances some diseases might even be eliminated. Children will be at less risk to have major health problems in their lives adding positively to their life experience.

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“Pregnancy Genetic Testing”

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Prenatal genetic testing will also affects society as a whole. Many people have a negative outlook on prenatal genetic testing but that is because they are not educated on the goals and actual applications of the technology. They feel that the technology may be abused. One fear is that insurance companies may obtain genetic records and deny service based on those records. But there are laws to protect people from such discrimination. People also fear that the means for genetically altering fetuses will soon be available. This technology is a long ways away if it is even obtainable.

The morality of genetic testing is also being questioned but everyone is different and you cannot dictate what is moral for everyone in a democracy. Some religious extremists fear and avoid any modern medicine at all. The medical advances being made feasible by genetic testing are very exciting. It is possible for people with predispositions for genetic defects to know in advance if they will have a healthy child or not. If they find out there is a problem they can choose to terminate the pregnancy or they can prepare in advance for their child’s special needs.

There is even new technology called Ex Utero genetic testing. This test is performed on eggs fertilized through in vitro fertilization before they are even put in the mother’s uterus. Understanding genes in the developing human will help doctors understand the nature of genetic diseases and may lead to countless other medical breakthroughs. Though it is probably a long way off doctors may one day be able to manipulate genes. If this is possible some genetic problems may be cured.

Another big benefit of testing is the ability to know in advance the health of a baby. It is no longer necessary for parents to be to have to worry about the health of their child. The technology is there to know in advance. Some people have major health problems in their family. This testing could make it possible for them to give birth to healthy long living children. The whole point of prenatal genetic testing is to improve life through good health. There are enough things to deal with in life without disease or genetic defects. Knowledge is power.

The power is being able to give a child the best chance at a happy and productive life as possible. Prenatal genetic testing will also benefit society as a whole. Billions of dollars are spent on health care every year. If there are less people born with health problems the cost of health care will be lowered. Also the healthier we are as a society the happier we will be. Your health directly affects your emotions and your mind. Being healthier will lead to a more productive society. These benefits clearly show how genetic testing can positively impact life.

Through pre-knowledge of disease parents are empowered to make educated decisions on their child’s well being. The medical advances that are continuing to discovered and made possible will definitely improve life. The impact on our economy and are society will also be great things to look forward to in the future. Prenatal genetic testing will continue to improve the quality of human life. Sources: 1. https://kidshealth. org/parent/system/medical/genetics. html 2. https://ghr. nlm. nih. gov/handbook/testing? show=all

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