Genetic Engineering In Modern World

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Genetic Engineering    

Genetic engineering also known as genetic modification, is the direct modification of an organism genes. It’s used by scientist and doctors to intensify or amend the characteristics of an individual organisms. It can be generated by methods such as gene targeting such as, nuclear transplantation. Throughout many years, studies have develop a method to justify the characteristics of humans, plants, even animals by manipulating their genetic material. These altered organisms may have benefited many species. But might it also fire-back?

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“Genetic Engineering In Modern World”

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 Advantages of genetic modifications include a faster growth rate. Genetic modification allow plants or animals to be modified so their maturity can result at a quicker pace. It allows it to occur outside of the normal growth without any genetic changes. Whether there’s high heat or low levels, it becomes almost impossible to expand the growth enormously. Genetic modification could also assists new products to be fabricated. With this modification, new products can be developed by adding or combing different profiles together. For example, let’s say you take any specific product like carrots that are freshly bought. Let’s say you alter its profile so that it can produce more nutrients without genetically modifying it. This make it possible for people to get more nutrients, even when limited.


Disadvantages of this modification include unhealthy side effects that are sometimes unexpected. It’s guaranteed to produce changes. Many of these changes are positive, creating more healthier foods. Others can be negative and sometimes never expected. For example, animals that are modified to produce milk, but have a shortened lifespan at the same time. So therefore, farmers suffer greater livestock. This creates threats to the foods we supply or personal health due to viruses, bacteria and diseases that goes to adapt to the changes that produce the process.

Overall, in my opinion, I am against it. In studies, there were high numbers of disadvantages allowing scientist to leave barriers untouched. Although genetic engineering can lead to a potential to live longer, and or defeat illnesses in younger and older people it still doesn’t mean that scientist are 100% sure it will advance. Some studies show that it takes approximately years for it to finally kick in. In fact, living longer has become an issue in today’s society. But honestly, is it even right? Are people even a 100% sure it would work? When genetic engineering became possible, people quickly began to question themselves whether it was ‘right’ or whether it ‘worked’? Another real problem, is that it led to the questioning about the safety. For example, scientist have a way to      eliminate out one disease only to for it to produce something way more brand new and or dangerous. Additionally, if they modify babies in the womb, mothers would face present danger that can lead to complications such as, miscarriage, premature birth, and or even stillbirth ( the delivery, after a 20th week of pregnancy of a baby who has died). The success rate of genetic experiments leave a lot to be desired. The human body is way to complicated that not even doctors know absolutely everything about the way the human body works.

All in all, genetic engineering has its own concern to certain people. Do you think that it’s worth the outcome and effects to have this fitted? I mean it does benefit us tremendously with the  foods we eat and our health that worries us all, but don’t you think a line should be drawn? When it comes to altering animals and babies, I personally go against. I believe that the only time is should be approved is when curing or helping stabilize genetic disease and or, serious illnesses. I also believe that if Jesus Christ our creator wanted to produce a superhuman or any type of animals that lays natural eggs then dont you think it would have been done a long time ago? People must realise that he has given us the knowledge to be able to redo life but it is our responsibility to be wise and confident enough to use our knowledge to a certain level or extent. In my personal view, genetic engineering is a superior choice when used wisely but negative when used irresponsibly or unnecessary reasons.

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