Physical Education System: is it Necessary?

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Technology has been more and more useful recently. It has developed more to help people live better and more comfortably. However, because of high technology, people are getting lazier and lazier. They don’t need to move their bodies so much because technology does most things that they have to do but don’t want to do. Especially, a smartphone is the most common high technology device around people. Nowadays, not only the students in high school but also the students in elementary school and junior high school use the device. It doesn’t mean that having a smartphone is bad for them, but if they have it, they tend to waste their time and don’t have time to exercise sufficiently due to it. According to the research of the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2010, about eighty percent of adolescents who were the ages of eleven to seventeen didn’t work out enough to meet the standard of the exercise time established by WHO. The organization also proclaims that children and adolescents who are the ages of five to seventeen have to work out at least one hour per day and should do the training which makes their bodies stronger three times a week because they can get many benefits through exercise (2018). In spite of the fact that there are some students who say that they don’t need to take a physical class and work out so much, they don’t know the good results they would get from exercise. Students should definitely take at least one physical education class because there are a lot of positive effects to them according to the reports and the research of exercise. The first benefit students get from exercise is mental advantages. Students feel stressed a lot when they are in school. The fear about taking a exam is a common concern for them. Everyone knows that getting high score on a test is better than getting low score on it. As a result of that, students usually try to stay up late to study for their exams. Staying up late leads to the problem that students can’t sleep enough. Another concern they have is about the relationship with their friends and classmates. There are a lot of people who have variety of personalities worldwide and people should adapt to the personality that makes them feel uncomfortable and they don’t think they can be on good terms with well. Nevertheless, most adolescents and children can’t deal with the problem well because they haven’t experienced such a complicated relationship enough yet. Consequently, they tend to hold it in their feelings and feel stressed so much. Exercise can be a good method to get rid of stress. Actually, most students know exercise is good for their health and they have felt good or comfortable at least once after finishing exercise. However, they don’t know specifically how it works to their bodies. Here is the explanation about it. According to Mayo Clinic, which is confirmed as one of the best hospitals all over the world, workout leads to the increase of people’s endorphins from their brains. Endorphin is a substance that is a kind of brain chemical. It makes people avoid feeling sad, unhappy or depressed. Instead of that, Endorphins help people to feel happy, joyful or please. That means people tend to positively think the things that used to be frustrating to them after finishing exercise. Moreover, humans cannot do two tasks at the same time, so they have to forget one of them while they are doing the other task, which means that while they are playing sports or working out, they would be able to forget the frustrating days. After finishing exercise, they will be able to think that there is no use thinking about the annoying days and be calm. These are what students need in their school lives (2018). Self-esteem means the confidence someone has about themselves. When students spend their time in school, they have many chances to face bad situations where cause them to have low self-esteem, for example, the time they get a bad score on a test and the situation they are insulted by their friends. If people lose their self-esteem, they will start to criticize themselves and won’t try to do anything because they think they don’t have any good abilities in spite of no reason. In addition to that, they tend to pay attention to not their good results but their bad results. Once students lose their self-esteem, the symptom will be getting worse and worse. The one way to make better the disease is Exercise. Exercise helps people not only release their frustrations but also increase their internal energies. If students have internal energies so much, they can get high self-esteem. According to The University Of Queensland, high self-esteem influences students to think good ways all time ( ). For example, the students who have high self-esteem try to think other students around them and what they should do for them instead of considering themselves too much because they don’t compare themselves with other students. Another example is even though they get a bad score on a exam, they don’t criticize themselves too much. As a substitute, they try to seek how to get a better score on a next exam and conduct the way earlier than the students who have low self-esteem because they believe they can do anything if they try to do it. Like these examples, high self-esteem is very important for students and they can gain it from exercise sufficiently. Exercise has a lot of good advantages for their mental health. According to Ogden, Carroll…, between 1988 and 1994, the rate of the students who were the ages of twelve to nineteen and obese in the U.S. is 10.5%. In this group, 2.6% were considered extremely obese. However, between 2013 and 2014, the rate of obesity for this age group had doubled and the rate of extreme obesity had almost quadrupled.(2016) The causes of the problem are Calories, unhealthy food, genes, and the decrease of physical activity time. When students eat lunch, they usually choose junk food in a cafeteria because it is cheaper than healthy food and it is what most students like. However, junk food has many calories, high sugar and high fat even though it has low nutritional value. As a result of that, it makes students get unhealthy and fat. Also, genes cause them to be obese. If students’ parents are obese, the possibility of students’ being obese will increase, but the thought that completely attributes obesity to genes is wrong. Genes are not the 100% cause. Genes are just slightly related to the cause of obesity. Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep are the main causes of it. Additionally, inactivity is also one of the reasons. Students don’t have time to work out because they watch TV, Netflix, and Youtube so much, play video games a lot, or aren’t just curious about physical activity. Helen Goncalves, David A. González and others investigated the difference of thinking about the causes of obesity with focus on nourish status and socioeconomic status. They concluded: Low-income obese adolescents and their mothers perceive obesity as a events. However, low-income eutrophic adolescents emphasize the role of unhealthy diets on obesity development. Among the high-income adolescents, those who are obese attribute it to genetic factors and emotional problems, whereas those who are eutrophic mention unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity as the main causes of obesity.(2012) No matter whether students and their mothers are high-income or not, the students who are obese tend to think that inactivity is not the reason of obesity. Both of them are likely to think that genetic factors are the reason of it.
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