Reasons why Physical Education should not be Compulsory?

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‘To all Members, I take this opportunity to thank you for attending this important forum.  Today we are glad to celebrate our annual meeting. My main agenda at this podium is to address the issue on why it’s no longer necessary to have physical education in our curriculum.

As we all know physical activities improve the human body conditions and even boost the body immunity system. This happens especially when one conduct such activities under the instructions of a trained sport expert who got experience on what benefits one get after training a particular body part, moreover physical activities aids in enhancing body metabolism system which burn fats and cholesterol in bodies making our bodies to be physically fit and healthy. Physical Education has so far being introduced to many schools as either a compulsory or an optional subject. Most schools in the entire globe have got physical education classes either at an advanced level or at basic level. Such programs are designed at the ministry level and curriculamme is distributed to teaching institutions and administered by professional teachers who took specialty in similar courses during their training.

Since time in memorial physical education have being taught in many schools and in some schools it’s more of fun and sports, while in other schools it’s a compulsory subject. It is one of those subjects that are crucial when it comes to designing any school curriculum. More than often the course is run for two to three days in any given school timetable or rather the teaching schedule. There are more of practical’s learnt as compared to theory lessons. The big question is should this subject be made compulsory? What disadvantages does it have to offer? Is it possible for parents and children to be allowed to make decisions on whether to enroll for this particular class? How has it being made a compulsory unit across the globe?

Many are nations around the globe which have left it optional amongst scholars and the good thing is that both those who are in it and even those out of it are healthier, so being a student for this program doesn’t warrant good health amongst scholars. In some schools physical education is taught in lower grades as it used to keep student busy while in upper classes it is used to relieve student boredom from academic related activities, therefore you find that in most schools the programme is not strictly followed and hence not examinable. More than often student not interested in physical activities are found sitted in groups sharing stories and others are busy doing other activities which seem beneficial to them. To majority of the students since the course is not examinable they find it as time wastage and they would rather do activities that will directly improves their grades such as attending the library and doing assignment.

Most of this physical education content includes active exercises, games and sports which at times exposes the body to many more injuries which are avoidable in case one is not enrolled for such particular courses, for instance when students are out there playing one can break his or her arm, leg, neck and the list is endless, such injuries will be a huge loss especially when a student have to spend a whole semester at home or at the hospital nursing injuries, while else this time would be utilized effectively in doing studies which will be evaluated after a particular course duration.  So to many schools and nations having this kind of an exposure to injuries is an enough reason on why it should not be made compulsory.

Those students who seem to be weak physically may not be in a position to compete fairly with their counter parts who are physically strong and this can lead to them getting profiled out of their performance and at the end of it all bring in demoralization. Mostly you find that boys will play with other boys and girls will play with other girls this alone brings in gender division since girls have their own games and boys have their own, if a boy steps in the field with girls he will be profiled to be girlish and vice versa this in itself discourages boys to work with girls even when they get back to class work.  So you find that in one school one gender is doing better as compared to the rest. Even in gender specific sports you will experience discrimination as in those that come from one race are excluded from the rest, if let say a girl or a boy is genetically blessed with a big body size he will be profiled to be fat and this really affects their self-esteem.

Additionally during this kind of a session those who are strong can actually bully those who are weak making them hate their school life which will ultimately affects their grades. Especially for those students who are academically oriented, they may be bullied by their fellows who seem to perform well in physical educations as compared to other subjects being offered in schools. Such form of bullying may be extreme and lead to some student hurting others physically, emotionally with their actions and this may increase school dropout cases and even extra budget to parents who are forced to move their students from one school to another unexpectedly.

At times physical education may not be favorable for physically challenged students due to their physical inabilities they might seem to be less interested in such activities and therefore are left feeling sidelined; this will affect their self-esteem and eventually making them perform poorly in school. Additionally for physically challenged students involving them in physical education might add pain to their ailing bodies if at all the kind of instructions given is strenuous. On other hand if that student is given time and resources to do other favorable activities they will be more productive and happier in their school life since they are only required to do what they are capable of doing. Compulsory physical education classes do limit one from choosing what he really wants to utilize his time on.

Some people have no interest in physical activities and they only maintain the basic form of physical fitness such as walking around, doing household chores for instance cooking and washing detergents. At times its believed that physical education can assist in identifying talents among young scholars, which can be developed to careers but to be sincere out of a thousand advertised jobs you will find that only one or close to nil is sport oriented vacancy and this one makes it almost negligible in the job market.

In conclusion, what i believe is that physical education is necessary and especially to our school going kids, since it’s in that exercise that they get to develop their bodies and get to socialize but in a nut shell it’s not the only means they can achieve healthy bodies and get to socialize such activities can be done during free time and even far away from time, so let’s utilize the little time for school to whatever is examinable and whatever suits everyone despite their physical inabilities.

I want to give this chance to whoever may have a question, if there is none I would like to hand over the microphone to the master of ceremony, Thank you”

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