Physical and Personal Space

Science and technology has brought deeper understanding and thus meaning in the way human beings think, feel and act in regards to various aspects of life that touches human’s and animal’s functionality. One such area that has widely caught the attention of scientists is the brain accentuated by space science. Both the conscious and the sub-conscious minds possessed by animals give a sense of comprehension and meaning in deciphering and in turn makes it easier for animals perfectly well maneuver through their life time by teaching survival tactics. The same concepts are shared by the study done in the “Physical and Personal Space.” A deeper meaning and understanding of what people experience in life is a product of what they are able to see using their mind, figuring out and reasoning while both in the personal space and in the space surrounded by other people. With the knowledge of physical and the personal space, then someone would be able to easily understand the activities that happen around him or her. In the same manner, if we have ever gone to a certain place and then asked to give a description of going to the same place, we shall be able, through our minds to travel through the space and even see the exact location which we are asked because of space interaction.

One of the greatest technologies that has given scientists milestones and a better understanding of how our brains travel through space is the immersive virtual environment. Using specialized helmets, all kinds of environment can now be produced in the laboratory be it buildings, forests, jungle and space using immersive virtual environment. The immerse virtual environment will show that brains has neurons that give humans the capability to encode and decode some of the information stored in the brain and certain parts of the brain are able to access the same information when a reference needs to be made on particular environments that are accessed.

To further the space studies, the scientists established that that some people are better way finders than others. The ability to be a good way finder is determined by how good one is able to imagine how different world looks from various perspectives or viewpoints. Such kind of an ability is greatly dependent on the brain area referred to as the hippocampus. When people spend more time in the natural environment, studies show that such people are able to relax because their minds relate easily with the environment. For instance, some people will have a liking for mathematics patterns simply because they interact and relate with the patterns contained in the ferns found in forests. In the same manner, research shows that people will have various preferences of shapes of homes simply because that is how their space environment is shaped.

In a likewise manner, personal space is dictated by the primary territories. For instance, it is an invisible zone which is invisible that surrounds and becomes the center of each and every person individually. This is the space considered to be exclusively yours because of your existence in this world. It defines the kinds of friends who will be around you, for how long you will keep the friends, the feelings you have towards the friends, the interaction with them and so on.

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