What Is Personal Narrative Essay?

If you look in the dictionary, you will find the following definition of this genre of writing – this type of a narrative paper is based on a real-life story, that author is telling in order to teach the readers a lesson. Thus, it focuses on you and your life. This type of paper is usually written in the first person and assumes that the author tells about his or her individual experience. It is not much different from a usual essay by volume or structure. However, it has a different purpose and objectives, and has the following distinctive features:

  • It has to be emotional and individual;
  • It requires using imagery and vivid details;
  • It has to refer to emotions and sensory perceptions.

Structure Of The Personal Narrative Essay

Writing this paper is not too hard. However, only if you know where to start. Here is a brief personal narrative essay outline that you can use for your work:

  • Opening clause – give the background of the story you are going to tell and highlight your point of view;
  • Body part – tell the story in details: what happened, what you felt, what conclusion you could draw from it, and other details;
  • Conclusion – lead the readers to a logical finish of your story, stating the main idea (lesson) of it.

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