The Growth of Wind Power in India

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The growth of wind power in India is consistent. In 2002 the country’s Cumulative Annual Growth Rate is 24.1%. For investing in wind the government is adopting alternating approach. The government is also adopting R&D by putting up small demonstration projects at remote locations.

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“The Growth of Wind Power in India”

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The states where government had put up these demonstration projects in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. For wind power projects the main things required are huge capital investment, but low recurring cost. Generally in wind power the initial capacity outlay for one Mw is one million USD. Because of the requirement of high initial capital, payback period in this industry is very long. But the main advantage in this sector is the low recurring cost and consistent revenue flow as the wind pattern does not change dramatically.

Thinking about high introductory cost, government has chosen to offer instigations to singular speculators for putting cash in wind vitality. Container of motivations for this industry incorporates wage impose occasion, quickened deterioration, concessional extract and custom obligation, arrangement of getting at low financing costs, and so forth. State governments additionally help speculators by consenting to control buy arrangement for a long time, enabling offer of vitality to outsiders and hostage utilization of vitality. Some state governments additionally give endowment to the underlying interest in wind vitality and deal tax reductions. The state administrations of Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and West Bengal give feed in tax to buying wind vitality. Feed in Tariff gives the base cost at which wind vitality based power must be sold to power dissemination organizations. This tax is higher in contrast with the other ordinary vitality sources.

Tamil Nadu is pioneer of wind vitality in India. Because of its empowering approaches for wind vitality, this state has dependably been favored by the breeze vitality industry for introducing the tasks since the beginning of Indian breeze vitality program. Wind cultivate created by M/s. Pandian Chemicals at Kanyakumari on March 28, 1990 with 250 KW wind turbine, had been the primary breeze cultivate created by any privately owned business in India. Not just breeze cultivate improvement, likewise assembling of wind turbines was begun in this state by a joint wander between NEPC of India and Micon of Denmark. From that point forward, number of eminent fabricates, for example, Vestas, Gamesa, Suzlon and RRB have set up their assembling offices in the state and Tamil Nadu has moved toward becoming assembling center of twist turbines in the nation. As wind cultivate locales in Tamil Nadu are not situated on complex territory, it is anything but difficult to transport wind turbine hardware to the site that makes venture improvement relatively simple . Muppandal twist ranch of the state, which is situated on Aralvaimozhi mountain pass, is the biggest breeze cultivate in Asia with an age limit of 1500 MW . It has expansive number of twist turbines of different sizes from 200 KW to 1650 KW.

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