Patton Fuller it Infrastructure

Request for Project (RFP) Organization: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Requester: CEO Background of Request Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is looking to upgrade its current network architecture over the next 5 years. As a result, it is imperative that a complete review of current architecture is completed and a revised network design is developed to include both proposed upgraded hardware and software. As the CIO for the hospital, it is your responsibility to complete this project plan, as well as determine the reasonable costs for the project. Description of Request Complete review of current architecture and a revised network design Include both proposed upgraded hardware and software. Determine the reasonable costs for the project. Specific areas are of special concern to the hospital CEO and other senior staff: • Network reliability and uptime • System response time • Network topology • Network protocols • Data integrity • Data security • Network security Meeting all federal regulatory (HIPPA) and medical (JCAHO) accreditation requirements • If an upgrade is necessary, it must also include wireless networking to allow hospital staff to upload patient information at the bedside, as well as in diagnostic areas and physician office spaces. Expected Results/Effect When Completed You will be presenting senior management with recommendations for upgrades, rationale for these changes, recommended time frame for the changes, and estimated costs. To provide this information, you develop a 10- to 12-page proposal, in APA format, outlining this information. You are required to create a PowerPoint® presentation that management will use to explain changes to employees within the hospital. Conduct thorough research. The goal of this project is to review the technical needs of the organization and be able to communicate them to nontechnical individuals in a business environment.

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“Patton Fuller it Infrastructure”

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