Titlle-Security for the cloud infrastructure

Achieving security in the cloud infrastructure Titlle-Security for the cloud infrastructure & Trusted virtual data center implementation Cloud computing is a term that describes the development of many existing technologies and approaches to computing into something different. “Clouds are a large pool of easily usable and accessible virtualized resources ( hardware, development platforms and/or services). Cloud service delivery is divided among three models. “SPI Model,”where ‘SPI’ refers to Software, Platform or Infrastructure (as a Service),. The trusted virtual data center (TVDc) is a technology developed to address the need for strong isolation and integrity guarantees in virtualized environments. TVDc by implementing controlled access to networked storage based on security labels and by implementing management prototypes that demonstrate the enforcement of isolation constraints and integrity checking. For intrusion detection in cloud computing the solution consists of two kinds of analysis behavioral and knowledge analysis. In behavioral analysis, data mining techniques were used and in knowledge analysis security policy violations and attack patterns were analyzed to detect or prevent intrusion. There are different authentication mechanisms for different services. The most commonly used mechanisms are Open Id, Open Auth, and User Request Token. The organizations using cloud computing should maintain their own data backups to continuous access to their data even at the extreme situations such as disaster at data center etc ( M. nd S. Pearson (2009) has proposed client based privacy manager to eliminate the fear of data leakage and loss of privacy in cloud computing. Benefit is that communication between the cloud and local machine is encrypted so that man in middle cannot intercept the traffic. This would be a huge cost saving for the company. Keywords-Cloud Computing,virtulized,prototypes,integrity checking,intrusion detection,database backups,request token.

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