About Today’s Technological Advances

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With today's technological advancements, one thing is guaranteed, some sort of computer is needed and is very important to help everyone survive in today's times. To consider how society as a whole would react if they had to go without their smartphone, tablet, or laptop would be completely mind-blowing for most individuals today. In today's technological and computer world, there are many terms, systems, and products that many people may not be familiar with, even though they are using them every day in their home, job, school, etc. Throughout this paper, the discussions of the many differences between what a server, a desktop, and a laptop are and what they individually do will be the main focus of discussion.

In order to understand the differences between servers, desktops, and laptops a person must first understand what each of the different types of equipment pieces is. The first to be discussed will be the server. A server is considered to be a “computer dedicated to providing one or more services to other computers or devices on a network”. A network is considered to be a group of different computers and devices that are all centrally connected either wired or wirelessly. Servers come in a wide variety of sizes and types to fit the needs of the person or business . Servers are used for the storing of content as well as “controlling access” to different types of software and resources that are found on a network. Servers are typically found in businesses, schools, and even in homes. A desktop or laptop computer that is connected to a network, which is controlled by a server, allows access to the hardware, software, and programs on a server.

The second piece of equipment that is important to understand in the technological world is the desktop. Desktop computers are found in the home, school, or business setting. “A desktop, or desktop computer, is a personal computer designed to be in a stationary location, where all of its components fit on or under a desk or table”. With most desktops, there is a computer screen which is considered the “display device” as well as a separate tower that contains the “processing circuitry” (Freund, et. Al., 2017). A more space-saving form of a desktop computer is the all-in-one. The all-in-one does not contain a separate tower but uses one complete piece of equipment that has both the display and processing circuit combined.

Lastly, another important piece of equipment, in the technology world, that is very commonly used in our society today is the laptop. The laptop computer is the go-to for ease of carrying it to different locations, which is why it has a huge success in the technological world today. “A typical laptop has a keyboard in the base and a screen in the lid, with the lid attaching to the base with hinges” (Freund, et. Al., 2017). There are many different features available when looking to purchase a laptop computer which makes each one unique. An individual can choose from smaller to larger keyboards, webcams, touch screen, and even decent speakers to have a good sound system to fit their needs (Freund, et. Al., 2017).

In conclusion, with technology rapidly expanding it is becoming increasingly important to understand what the advantages, disadvantages, and differences are of the different products that are available and offered to consumers. It is important to be educated in these types of details to understand what may be the best technological fit for each consumer is. What one consumer needs may not be what the next consumer is looking for to meet their needs. With technology continuing to expand and adapt, a person must continue to expand and adapt their knowledge to these new systems as well. Even knowing the slightest differences in servers, desktops, and laptops will benefit the consumer when deciding to make a purchase of a piece of equipment for themselves.

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