Constraints of a Project

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1 Project Constrains

Project constrains are Time, Cost and Scope, which are restrictionsaffect the whole project. When anyone of those constrains change that will affect others too. C:UsersSathusjanDesktopStudies2nd You can see this figure which showing each constrains are partially depend on other constrain. So, here accordingly our Website developing project we are going to analysis what constrains we should focus on it, what are the risks will come, and what are the resources we use to complete this project effectively.

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“Constraints of a Project”

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1.1 Time Constrain

Time is playing major role when it a software developing project. So, within the specified time we should able to complete our project with expected quality.

  • 08/04/2015 on we will submit the project report to project sponsor.
  • He Project Sponsor satisfy only our developers start to do development on 09/04/2015.
  • We have to complete the website on or before 17/11/2015.

In order to do that, we should have a specific schedule related to the time that it will take us to finish the project. So, on 09 the April we should have to spilt the part to each internal stakeholders as we planned.

  • No earlier than– Specifies the earliest date that on which a task can be completed.
  • No later than– Specifies a date by which a task must be completed.
  • On this date– Specifies the exact date on which a task must be completed.

1.2 Scope Constrain

Scope can define as the tools and resources that are needed to achieve the end objective of team. And also it define the goal of the overall project. If scope increase then it will increase the cost, resource and time, finally it will cause to reduce the quality of product. The scope of the project is developing a website for Simple Event Ltd. In order to develop it our team need to,

  1. Analysis the requirement of the Simple Event Ltd by background reading of the company, interview the staffs or prepare proper formulated questionnaire. This work has to be done by Business Analyst.
  2. Design the requirements into diagrams (UML) or technical way, which able to understand by technical developers. This work also has be to done by Business Analyst.
  3. Build the requirement into make virtual website by coding. This task has to be done by Software Engineers and Developer.
  4. Test the built software and see whether it has any bugs or errors and check the quality and user-friendliness. This task will be done by quality Assurance and End user.

This is the task that we have to do in sequence manner to complete the project. So, in order to do this we planned to go for Scrum Methodology, C:UsersSathusjanDesktopStudies2ndC:UsersSathusjanDesktopStudies2nd It has continues process of analysis, design, build and test. And finally show the prototype to stakeholder, if they okay with that then move to next task. If they don’t or adding new requirements then reattempt it. This methodology is not take cost and it has high customer integration. And also daily scrum meeting also happen. All team members group together and explain what they have done and what have to do on today.

1.3 Cost Constrain

Cost is another constrain which we have to keep it stable position. The cost constraint is very important, and it should never be overlooked. Our company objective is on this project cut all the extra cost and get high profits. In order to do this we should plan the budget for this project. Which is include,

  1. Cost of software.
  2. Cost of hardware.
  3. Cost of outsourcing staffs.
  4. Cost of staffs.
  5. Cost of other resources.
    1. Current
    2. Water
    3. Cost of project work traveling.
  6. Cost of overtime.
  7. Cost of motivation process.
  8. Cost of adding scope.

These are come under budget. But still we can’t expect planned budget. Because there will be,

  • Additional requirement takes additional resources then it will increase the planned cost.
  • Late delivery of resources will takes additional Time, and finally it will case to increase the cost.
  • Unexpected external environment problem (Natural disasters, sudden illness of the staffs, increase inflation)

But we have keep our budget under 195,000 sterling pound.

1.4 Resource constrain

Resource is a constraint which will directly impact on the whole project. If we take a website development project, then these are possible resources that we should consider,

1.4.1 Recourse

  • Skill full staffs: Html, CSS, PHP, Photoshop, Microsoft SQL and JavaScript
  • Software tools: Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL …. Etc.
  • Software tools accessible device.
  • Web server.
  • Hand in cash.
  • Stationary: paper, pen, marker… etc.
  • Other internal resources: Electricity, water…etc.

These resources are interconnected to each of them. If one gets problem then all of others work will be get break. Plus if resources are not on time then time will waste, it will cause to extend the project duration then finally it will cost lots.

1.5 Risk constrain

In risk constrain we are going to discuss about, what will go wrong and what can be done about it?

  1. Staff absents
    1. For an example we have allocated 20 days to complete to design the requirements. So, if project manager is takes sick leave for a day and team members didn’t takes feedback from PM and start to do further modelling. But the modelling is incorrect so they have to re-do it. In this case time is wasted because of absents.
  1. Solution,
    1. If this task is completed in 20 days them, adding 2 more days extra for this type of cases.
    2. All ways planned to outsource method to complete absented staffs works.
  1. Expected resources are not on time
    1. This is major problem often happening in all companies. Resources that we needs,
      1. Software tools.
      2. Hardware devices.
      3. Cash in hand.
    2. Solution,
  1. Using Just in Time (JIT) tools for resources.
  2. Take lone from banks.
  1. Lack of clarity about project. (Solution: Daily scrum meeting)
  2. Changing agendas. (Solution: Scrum process iteration and sprint)
  3. Lack of accountability: – Working without cost as a project constraint might sound like an ideal situation for some project managers.However, a blank check for a team initiative often results in a lack of accountability for team members and their leaders.

1.6 Environmental Constrains

Environmental Constrain which will impact the project indirectly.

  • Customers keep changing the requirement
    • If customers do that, then it’s difficult to finish the project on time and it will cost lot.
  • Natural disasters
    • We’re using backup webserver to retrieve the project.
  • Sudden illness of staffs
    • We’re already booked outsources from other company (If we needed only).

We’re always focus on the budget and quality of project. That why we are using so many back services to make sure we’re in safe position.

1.7 Technical constrain

Here we’re going to look,

  • Quality of technical staffs
    • Web development skills (HTML, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Photoshop, Graphic design, Oracle database knowledge and JavaScript)
    • Team management skills (Good communication, Patient and quick decision maker)
    • Time management skills.
  • Quality of technical tools
    • Purchasing original software tools (MS Visual Studio, Oracle, Joomla, WordPress)
    • Purchased branded hardware.

We’re going to use well experienced admins and original branded technical tools to complete this project. As well as using ERP method to connect all functional process in our organization. Which will gives good and accurate information relevant to this project.

1.8 Quality Constrain

Finally all these constrains are end up with the quality. If anything get fail that will affect the other constraints, plus the quality of product. Quality of this project we don’t need to worry about it. Because scrum methodology that we are using on it. So, continues customer view that will ensure the quality of this product. C:UsersSathusjanDesktopStudies2nd

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