Labor and Delivery Services

The labor and delivery services are those services that are offered in the hospitals to the pregnant women during delivery such as the medical care and surgery. As a member of the committee for the hospital, I think the hospital within the Bright Road health care system should continue to deliver the labor and delivery services to pregnant women due to various reasons. To begin with, these services offer a safe process for the mothers when giving birth since the hospital provides a safe environment.

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By delivering theses services, the hospital ensures there is an availability of effective equipment to avoid causing complications to the pregnant women. When the hospital continues to offer the labor and delivery services, the people in the surrounding society are served in the times of emergency for pregnant women as well as the costs are minimized. Finally, through the labor and delivery services, pregnant women are provided with information and assistance on how to handle the newborn child hence the hospital should not terminate the services.

Such decision of continuing to offer the labor and delivery services will impact the hospital in that it will incur costs to increase the facilities such as the hospital beds and the staff to deliver services. At the same time, the hospital will be able to sell the services to the public hence attract many consumers for the labor and delivery services. Hence more revenue will be generated. The patients will receive a safe process of delivery since a safe environment will be enhanced through the provision of the labor and delivery services. The decision to continue providing the labor and the delivery services in the hospital will benefit the society since the adverse complications which may arise during labor and delivery are minimized, and the pregnant women are safe. In addition, the employment opportunities are provided to the members of the society.

Finally, I recommend that the hospital should proceed and make the decision and continue to deliver the labor and delivery services to the pregnant women since the hospital, the patients, as well as the community, will benefit. In addition, the hospital will have the chance to expand and also market the services provided.

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