Pablo Picasso from Birth to Death

Pablo Picasso from birth to death was an amazing man. At first he started off in a nice home with a nice artistic family. He had a mom, dad, and two sisters, but he was the oldest child in his family. When he was 14 he was really good at art so he showed off his paintings at a lot of places. In his life his father was the biggest influence on him.Now that you know some things about Pablo Picasso let’s dig deeper.

It was started when Pablo was born. He was born in Magla, Spain October 25, 1881. He lived a pretty good artist life. In his life he studied under his father and decided to go to a art school called Academy of Arts. Even though his father helped him with art he had a lot of different styles. In summary he did a lot of cool things in his lifetime. In summary he was quite the artist growing up.

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When Pablo Picasso was 19 he left Spain and went to Paris, France. He went there to become a better artist himself, and to see other French artists work. For college he joined the Russian Ballet. Then he met a girl that was a ballerina and they eventually became a couple. All in all, later Pablo asked her to be his wife and they got married. Sadly, he went behind her back and got a girlfriend and cheated on her with his girlfriend named Marie Therese.

In Pablo Picasso’s life he was one of the most dominant and influential artists in the 20 first century. Pablo Picasso is mostly known for his artistic manner, also he impressed a lot people in his artwork. He did a lot of good and cool stuff in his life. Sadly died April 8, 1973 in Mougins, France from congestive heart failure. All in all, he was an amazing artist and an amazing guy and lived a great life, also he was one of my favorite artists.

In conclusion, Pablo Picasso was a great man and lived a fun artistic life.Pablo was born October 25, 1881 Maglea, Spain. When he was little and growing up his parents got him into art and helped him. in the Russian Ballet he got a girlfriend and eventually married her and sadly cheated on her. All in all, I guess it was stressful in his life time to do his art I wonder what it would be like if I was him?

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