Pablo Picasso and Cubism

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In 1881 Picasso was born sadly he passed away in 1973. Picasso was a Spanish painter, sculptor, ceramicist, and poet. Most people only know him by his paintings. Cubism was a big stepping stone in the world of art. Pablo was a co-founder and in the Twentieth Century he was the most influential artists. During the wars, he was an activist whose art touched on the horrors. Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

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“Pablo Picasso and Cubism”

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In 1881 Pablo Picasso was born into an artist family who lived in Malaga, Spain. When Pablo was 14, he began to show off his artwork. When Picasso moved from Spain to Paris he became part of a new art movement. Pablo went through a lot of various states of periods with his work. The first stage was the Blue Period, which is one of my favorites. The Blue Period started in his teens, this stage was dominated by various shades of dark shades of blue; also, melancholic. In 1904-1906, Picasso entered a phase known as The Rose Period.’ This period he painted Circus Clowns, Harlequins and People from the Circus. The happier tone had an increase attraction of patrons and people whom were intrigued by his work. Pablo concentrated more on classical works of art in the 1920s and 30s. He was interested in the human form in neo-classical style.

In 1907, before the First World War, Picasso continued experiments and sot out many forms of inspiration some, from African art, which led to Cubism. Cubism helped embrace the subject on the canvas by enhancing some features. Most of the colors were mainly grey, and brown neutral tones. In 1914, Picasso moved with some fellow French artists to Avignon. Picasso married ballerina Olga Khokhlova in 1918, later divorced in 1955. He died at 91 years of age.

Picasso was prolific. His total artistic work numbered close to 50,000, Among those his most famous painting was the Guernica bombing in 1937. The Guernica bombing was a massive bombing of civilian areas which were carried out by German and Italian planes. The bombing in Guernica was a significant development in warfare, it helped show the civilians a new capacity for extending the horrors of warfare to the population. Pablo’s paintings helped immortalize the tragic event in the Twentieth Century.

Pablo Picasso is well known for his artwork, although, he has done so much more than just paint; Pablo also designed ballets, poems, and sculptors. This researcher first developed interest in Picasso started in 7th grade. Picassos’ artwork has always been a favorite. Each painting tells a story that draws one’s self into it. The African art and primitivism: 1907 is a close second. This researcher also fell in love with the Blue Period when she was young mainly because she was a depressed teenager and something about this period just put her mind at ease.


Pablo Picasso lived a long, eventful life. He co-founded Cubist movement and co-founded the collage. Picasso and his family were considered middle class. His father, who was also a painter, specialized in naturalistic depictions of birds. In 1894 Picasso’s painting career took off. Pablo had allot of different periods of artwork: Before 1900, Blue Period:1901-1904, Rose Period:1904-1906, African art and primitivism:1907-1909, Analytic cubism 1909-1912, Synthetic cubism 1912-1919, Neoclassicism and surrealism:1919-1929, The Great Depression to MoMA exhibition:1930-1939, World War II and Late 19402: 1939-1949, and Later works to final years: 1949-1973. Pablo is the most famous artists of the 20th century. He changed the way we look at art in so many ways. This researcher believes that if it wasn’t for Pablo Picasso the art industry wouldn’t be what it is today.

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