O’net Interest Profiler Assessment

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In this report, I will share my career choice and enlighten you about why I chose such profession. Then I will take the O'NET Interest Profiler and interpret the results. I will then describe the comparison of my current career choice description with the results of the assessment. In Addition, I will share any thoughts and insights gained in such areas as professional and personal growth. Lastly, I will outline any or all resources one can use to increase his or her search to obtain more information about more results.

Today, my career choice is Non-profit Director of Operations for people with criminal records. The career entails me to help people with criminal records decrease their chances of re-entry by supporting them through facilitating training programs such as job readiness, educational, parenting, communication, and finances. This profession is vital to me for I can relate because people in my family has been incarcerated and they faced discrimination on all levels of the political arena, therefore, this is why I have been personally and professionally invested in this field.

Per the 2000 U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, the purpose of Interest Profiler's is to help adults find his or her work related interest. The format assessment consists of 180 questions pertaining to activities that you would like, dislike, or unsure of doing. The paper-form assessment asks you to tally up the scores of all your likes in color coated categories. For example, my highest score of 26 is Social in Purple, 19 Conventional, Artistic 10, Enterprising 6, Investigative 5, and my lowest likes in the Realistic category I scored O likes.

Basically, the results informs me that I am a very social person who likes activities related to helping people in areas of social, personal, and therapeutic living. As a comparison to my previous career, I say that I fell into the same category of helping others as I am doing right now. My work importance profiler results says that my top values are achievement, recognition, support, independence, relationships, and working conditions in relations to exploring career opportunities that meets my needs as well.

There are five Job Zones and I chose zone four where considerable experience supports this zone such as a Bachelor's degree, skills and knowledge about the job is a must. For example, I identified with two of the four careers in my profile such as Criminal Investigative and Special Agent. I had no interest in the areas of Police Officer and or Embalmers.

Personally, it has been quite some time since I have taken an assessment about anything relating to my career and or associated with my previous profession. However, I am amazed of how well I did on the assessments for my career choices are similar to what I do now and my likes, as well as my dislikes are basically the same as the last past five years at least.

As a counselor, I find that to be consistently rewarding for I still knows and loves what I do as a profession. Far as a client, I would truly be overwhelmed with the career choice for looking at it through client's lenses it seems like a great deal to have on one's plate.

In conclusion, I would like to gain more understanding about the results for I was unable to receive the results data report via computerized for neither my computer and or Temple's was compatible with the electronic version. Therefore, I would recommend the aforementioned version of the assessment to obtain better results because the instrument is very informative and can be used to assist you with identifying interests and occupations.

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