My Statement of Interest

I chose to Pursue a degree in Human Services because I felt that it would be a unique opportunity to start a career based on helping others and finding solutions for those who are most vulnerable. Human Services is about meeting people’s needs, through preventing and remedying problems and promoting overall quality of life for the people they work with – and that’s a mission I can get behind. I chose a career path in Human Services based on my own personal life experiences. I am interested in getting into the substance abuse and mental health field. I grew up with my father being an alcoholic, my mother abandoning me at an early age and struggling with an opioid addiction myself, for almost ten years. When I made the decision to turn my life around, humble myself and ask for help, I cannot express in words how much love, care, and compassion that I felt from others ready and willing to reach out and help me along this journey.

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“My Statement of Interest”

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I met a lot of amazing people in this career field from intake workers and psychiatrists to detox nurses’ and social workers, almost all seemed to genuinely care about my well being and all seemed to love what they did for a living.

The drug abuse treatment field is a rewarding career choice for many people, as it makes a difference in the lives of millions of people annually as it did mine. Those who work in the field use hard work and determination to help patients earn sobriety, which is worth more than just a paycheck. I believe this field would be the best career path I could take right now, I have so much experience, strength, and hope to offer individuals who are currently going through what I already been through myself, I feel like we need more of that in this field. I can show you a way out of this lifestyle, there is a way and I will teach you how I did it. I do also know that relapse plays a familiar part in the lives of many recovering addicts. And even longtime drug and alcohol counselors are not immune from the occasional slip, so I must continue to keep working on myself in the meantime. There will be many triggers around me, and I can never think of myself as fully cured from this disease.

The Substance abuse and mental health field is the career path, I have my sights on just because of the personal experience that I have in this field already, but I would also be interested in government agencies, administrative services, child welfare, and community development programs. My main goal is to be a counselor or social worker in an inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

Three organizations that I chose to volunteer my time at are The American rescue workers which have an emergency men’s shelter, a men’s rehabilitation program, a social service center, multiple thrift stores around the area and they also do local food assistance for those in need.

The central Pennsylvania food Bank who distributes more than forty-eight million pounds of food each year in twenty-seven different Pennsylvania counties.

The Salvation Army who assess so many people in need, they build programs and give back to the community.

I have shown interest in these three programs just because of everything they do to give back and help our community. All three are human service related and do everything they can to help another person in need, rather it is providing a warm place to sleep like the American rescue workers, feeding the less fortunate like The central Pennsylvania Foodbank or helping disaster survivors like The Salvation Army, all three programs are all about doing the most good and meeting human needs without discrimination.

The times I am available to do my service hours are on Saturdays and Sundays, if I absolutely must, I could make myself available a night or two during the week after 5pm, anytime on the weekend works with my schedule as of now. I have my own personal vehicle and I can make it to the service site with no problem or issues.

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