Novel “Hamlet”

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With his brother recently deceased, but with his widowed bride at his side, Claudius makes his presence known in Hamlet. Claudius is extremely manipulative and attempts to exert his power on everyone at the expense of others. In act 1 scene 2 opens with Claudius, Gertrude, Hamlet, and various other people; Claudius is about to address a speech he has constructed for the royal court that is eagerly disgusted by his actions.

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“Novel “Hamlet””

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The scene begins at the court of Claudius and Gertrude, the queen and king of Denmark. Claudius tries to form a way of peace to prevent conflict, from following the death of his brother. There is an adequate amount of emotions coming from Claudius to obtain everyone on his side. However he is extremely cruel and his intentions are purely selfish and immoral. Claudius justifies in that although his brother is dead, he still carries memorable moments; however ‘’life still goes on.’’ He appears to have no empathy towards his brother’s death due to moving on so fast. The impression made by him is ‘’powerful and undefeated’’ man who is admired by most. His mannerism of speech are elegant and less than the words of the king, ‘’ To bear our heart in grief, and our whole kingdom.’’

Although Claudius is now married to his dead brother’s widow’s wife Gertrude, which now makes him Hamlet’s uncle and stepdad. ‘’With an auspicious and dropping eyes, With mirth in funeral and with a dirge in marriage.’’  He clarifies that even though Hamlet has recently died, the memory is fresh and it would be appropriate for them to be in mourning. All sad, their judgments have been at war with natural suffer.  He describes that although its terrify to remember Hamlet’s death, they should think about themselves; therefore, he has married Gertrude. To put a spin on this, he attempts to explain how they got married so fast by saying, this is how it happened; with a depressed happiness.

Throughout the speech, he makes a kind reminder that they went along with this. He has recently become King once marrying his single relative-in-law, Gertrude. Claudius encompasses a scheming, political temperament and is extremely involved with eliminating threats inside the dominion. Because of Claudius’ ambitious and corruption, he desires to rule Denmark as totalitarian king. It is clear that he will not shy away from war, and will take advantage from others, and do anything to retain the crown. He is also attempting to expand his power against Denmark. Hamlet does not know what evil is to come. 

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