Hamlet and Lion King Comparison

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The Lion King was written as a book in 1994, it was made a motion picture in 1994 also. It is also tilted as a musical film. The Lion King was directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, produced by Don Hahn. Its original songs were composed by Elton John. The film was obviously the work of Disney. The Lion King is the tale of a bond of a son and a father. With a twist of jealousy.

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“Hamlet and Lion King Comparison”

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A son and a fathers bond can be broken by the smallest impaction, not this one. Simba was born to his mother Sarabi and his father Mufasa. Mufasa being of course the ruler of their kingdom, he reigned. Simba being a young cub in training for that one day that he shall take his fathers place on high.

Mufasa was everything in Simba’s eyes, but not quit everyone’s eyes. Scar was Mufasa’s reluctant brother. Scar always believed Mufasa was praised way more than he should have been. Mufasa was not the jealous type, not like scar was. Mufasa being his brother loved Scar even though Mufasa new of the jealousy.

Simba being next in line for the kingdom instead of Scar made the matter worse in Scar’s eyes. Scar would have no part in watching his nephew be the King of the Pride Lands or “Pride Rock.” Scar has a plan, a devious, evil plan. Mufasa must be killed

Scar killed Mufasa in what is now called “cold blood.” Scars plan worked, he was now the ruler of pride rock. Simba ran away from home when Scar blamed Simba for his father’s death. Scar told his mother Sarabi and the rest of the kingdom they were both dead. Ten years had passed, the kingdom was suffering dearly no food, and water. Scar was being blamed, because he was the new “king.”

Nala another lion that was part of the kingdom found Simba a far ways away from his home, alive. While she found out who Simba was she met his two new best friends Timone and Pumba. They live by “Hakunna Matata,” it means no worries. Simba and Nala instantly fell in love. She and Simba had then realized what Scar had done to Mufasa and their kingdom. Simba was not sure if he wanted to go back with Nala because of what happened with Scar and Mufasa. Simba was alone the night before they left for the Kingdom and he saw his father Mufasa talk to him in the sky and he told him to go back and do what is right for the kingdom. Simba and Nala both rushed back with their trusty friends forever Timone, and Pumba.

As they made their way back home they had to come up with a plan to overtake Scar in the Pride Lands. They arrived to the Pride Lands. As they saw what Scar had done the initiated the plan. Timone and Pumba were the distraction for the hyena’s. Sarabi confronts Scar to tell him they will not hunt for food because they have all left the fields, Scar attacks Sarabi because he thinks he has done all the good and is the “king.” Simba jumps on Scar when he sees Scar attack Sarabi, Scar thinks it is Mufasa at first but then he realizes it was Simba. Simba and Scar began to fight.

Soon after they begin to fight all the lions start fighting the hyena’s, standing up for Simba. As Scar throws Simba into the fire he comes out and pins Scar down and says “ tell them what really happened.” Scar begins to say it was an accident but he admits to killing his brother Mufasa in front of the kingdom. Simba does not do as Scar did, he told Scar to leave and never return. Scar blames all the bad on the hyena’s, the hyena’s decide to kill Scar. Simba takes back his kingdom the Pride Lands once and for all. Simba and Mufasa’s bond, son and brother never broke. Simba fulfilled his duties as his father would have.

A book that shows great symbolism to The Lion King is Hamlet. Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare between 1599 and 1602. Hamlet was a Tragic, and dramatic play. Hamlet is a story of a bond between a father and a son. With a twist of jealousy. Sound familiar yet? Just wait. Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark, his uncle is the King of Denmark. Hamlet’s father is dead, and his mom married his uncle, Claudius. Hamlet was not happy with how his mom married his uncle after his father died.

During their marriage Hamlet believed it was very unhealthy and something just was not right. Hamlet’s thoughts in his mind were concerning him, and he believed it would be concerning for the kingdom too. “Why is my uncle king” he pondered. It just didn’t make any sense to Hamlet. He did some digging because his thoughts just wouldn’t go away until he saw the “ghost.” The “ghost” was the ghost of Hamlet’s father. Hamlet started to struggle after he saw the ghost with his mind. He finds questions of fate versus free will.

Hamlet has now fallen madly in love with Ophelia. Hamlet’s best friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern try to help Hamlet but they can’t, he has gone mad. Hamlet says “to be or not to be, that is the question.” Hamlet knows what his uncle did to his father, but there is always that other voice in his head telling him that he is just “mad” and his uncle did nothing to his father. Claudius has guilt, Hamlet knows of his guilt but Claudius is unsure if he should be worried if Hamlet knows the truth about Claudius or not. Hamlet plans his revenge but does not take it when he sees Claudius praying. He says “he will go to heaven if I kill him while he is praying.” Soon after Claudius knows Hamlet is onto him, he plots to kill Hamlet.

Hamlet’s second attempt to kill his uncle goes poorly wrong, he kills Polonius by mistake thinking it was Claudius. Trying to kill by poison Hamlet and Gertrude Hamlet’s mother are killed. As Hamlet is dying he kills Claudius, but this does not end Hamlet’s struggles. Hamlet ask Horatio to tell his story when he is dead. The new king Fortinbras agrees to this request. “Let us haste to hear it.” “To be or not to be,” Hamlet could not just let his uncle get away with what he did, he could not just let it be. He made a choice to take matters in his own hand and him dying was the outcome of what his “fate versus free will” became.

“To be or not to be,” “Hakunna patata,” is it the same? The Lion King and Hamlet show some of the same symbolic references. By showing some of the same references they represent each other in the same way but different metaphorically. The Lion King and Hamlet are the same. Both of these stories reveal the turmoil of what jealousy can do to a family and a kingdom. Can jealousy kill? Can jealousy prevail? Hamlet’s father and Simba’s father both died, they were both killed by their own brother, Hamlet’s uncle and Simba’s uncle.

Did Scar kill for jealousy, yes. Scar wanted the kingdom to himself for him to be king. Did Claudius kill for jealousy, yes. Claudius also wanted the kingdom for himself to be king. Was it for the good of the kingdom, no it was out of spite and the wanting of something they did not have. Scar and Claudius did not have remorse for killing their brothers, they had remorse for not owning the title of king anymore.

Hamlet’s fate versus free will ties into The Lion King when Mufasa gives Simba the choice to go save the kingdom, his free will, or to stay behind and let the fate of the kingdom become death. Simba chose to avenge his fathers death by saving the kingdom, Hamlet killed his uncle and reveals what he has done to avenge his father’s death. With the same intentions both Simba and Hamlet chose to use free will for the good of their kingdom’s.

Hamlet falls in love with Ophelia, Simba falls in love with Nala. Both Simba and Hamlet have those two best friends that try to point them in the right direction, although they do not always listen they have their best intentions in mind. The kingdoms in both stories represent a rising to falling kingdom rescued from the hands of evil. The Pride Lands went from rise to fall, after Simba comes back the kingdom rises back to its fullest. Same for Hamlet’s kingdom in Denmark.

The symbolism of the “fallen kingdom” is used in many references when discussing the hierarchy of the people in the kingdom. The ranking of the people in each story Hamlet and The Lion King change when both of their uncles became king.

Jealousy can kill and jealousy can prevail. Jealousy was the cause of two very high fallen kingdoms, two bonds of father and son that were tested, and the fate versus free will of a decision that was made not out of selfishness, but out of selflessness. The risk they took for their kingdoms shows their responsibilities that their uncles did not show. Although there are some differences in both Hamlet and The Lion King, there are more similarities that both compare with each other. “ To be or not to be,” that is the question, “Hakunna Matata,” does it all run together? Simba and Hamlet both chose to not let it be, they fought for their kingdoms and their father’s.

Hamlet and The Lion King are identical symbolically and metaphorically. Due to all the pride that got in the way of family, caused turmoil in a rising kingdom. Although Mufasa and the King of Denmark are dead, the family legacy will not change. So “To be or not to be,” or “ Hakunna Matata” it’s all the same thing. 

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