Hamlet Mental State Analysis

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Hamlet mental state can be perceived as mental madness; this is seen as the most accurate assessment. Hamlet certainly displays a high degree of instability throughout much of the play, but his madness is pointed out to conclude that he actually loses his mind. His language is wild, but beneath his words often lie acute observations that show the sane mind working bitterly. Most likely, Hamlet's decision to feign madness confuses his enemies and hide his intentions.


(I,ii)- King claudius uses pretty language to make his recent marriage to Gertrude. Claudius then says he has received a message from King fortinbras demanding denmark give up the lands old Hamlet won. Claudius ask why he is still dressed in mourning clothes. Gertrude wonders why he seems so upset. Hamlet says he is upset,and that his clothes can’t capture his true morning.

(I,V)-Hamlet,Horatio,and marcellus keep watch. Meanwhile, From inside the castle they hear the roar of revelry. Hamlet condemns claudius’s constant merrymaking saying that it makes the noble Danes look swinish and corrupt. The ghost appears and beckons Hamlet to follow it. But Horatio and Marcellus hold him back; they think the ghost may be a demon laying a trap for him. Hamlet breaks free of them and follows after the ghost.

(II,II)- Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were summoned by Elsinore to figure out why Hamlet is so melancholy. Gertrude remarks that Hamlet’s mania probably comes from his father's death and her too-hasty marriage to claudius.After a long-winded ramble about Hamlet’s madness, Polonius reads love letters Hamlet sent to ophelia. Claudius and Gertrude agree that lovesickness is causing his behavior. Claudius then proposes that they have a stage meeting between Hamlet and Ophelia And spy on it to test his theory.

(III,I)- Hamlet agonizes over whether to kill himself "To be or not to be". He thinks men would almost always choose suicide over the "slings and arrows" of experience except that they fear what might happen in the afterlife. He observes that such thinking turn people into cowards,and action into inaction. Suddenly Ophelia enters and tries to return the gifts Hamlet gave her. He denies having ever given them.

(III,ii)- Hamlet gives directions to actors preparing for thuis e play. Hamlet has written a play that closely reflects what he believes happened between his father and Claudius Hamlet tells Horatio in an earlier scene that the ghost he encountered revealed that Claudius killed his father and is appreciative of his discretion. Hamlet suspects that he will strongly react to the play.

(III,iii)- claudius says hamlet is a danger and orders rosencrantz and guildenstern to prepare to leave for england. Hamlet is headed to Gretudes room, where polonius will hide behind the tapestry. Hamlet enters. He draws his sword to kill claudius and to be revenged; But if he kills claudius then he will go to heaven.

(IV,IV)- Fortinbras's army marches toward Poland. He sends a captain to Elsinore with a message of greeting for the King of Denmark.By sending the captain to greet Claudius, Fortinbras shows he means to keep his word not to attack Denmark.

The captain runs into Hamlet, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern, and happily tells them the land about to be fought over is worthless. Hamlet asks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to go on ahead. He bitterly compares himself to Fortinbras and his soldiers. They go to die just for a chance at honor, while he, with much greater reason to act, has failed to revenge himself on Claudius. Hamlet vows "from this day forward may all my thoughts be bloody" and promises to focus only on revenge.

My points

(I,ii)- in this scene hamlet says he will remember the ghost and keep his promise in revenge to his mother and claudius for their evil doings. It is also mentioned that his relationship with his mother became turbulent since he resents her from marrying her husband’s brother. Those are a few examples of his emotions which led him wanting revenge.

In this scene Hamlet is angry. He shows no affection towards his mother's since the marriage. The only thing that keeps him angry is thinking about his father ghost. He knows now he has a purpose to seek revenge.

(I,V)- claudius was his father’s killer; he was sure of it but he beats himself up. Hamlet seeks for evidence in order to have a reason to kill claudius. Hamlet is bitter, cynical, and full of hatred towards his uncle sexual intentions towards his mother after his father died.
Hamlet lost it at this point. He finds every little thing to not like about Claudius to hate. But hamlet needs more of a reason to kill him. At this paint he would kill Claudius for his dad.

(II,II)- while hamlet contemplates life and death, there is another prince who wants to attack denmark for revenge in result of the murder of fortinbras's father. Hamlet’s late father murder fortinbras's father which cause clash between young hamlet and king Fortinbras.

Hamlet shows doubt towards himself. He contemplates life and death because he lacks confidence. Now there are two people who want revenge for Fortinbra, making it harder for hamlet to cope with his mental state.

(III,I)- "to be or not to be: that is the question" young hamlet doesn’t seem to have a moral or religious objections to suicides. Self- slaughter is not an option because it is forbidden, he was afraid that it will bring bad consequences to his family. He thinks about matters that applies to humanity as a whole.

Hamlet eventually became sad. He wishes to suicide, but he knows he will go to hell to be punished and not finish his father’s legacy. He realizes that he must stick through the pain and focus on the tasks.

(III,ii)- in act 1, as ghost appears hamlet felt erratic, nervous, and had an unpredictable behavior. Hamlet kept his true expression of anger every time he encountered the ghost of his late father. Anger and mortality sets in along with frustration and loneliness, although hamlet didn’t die; he was poisoned by an enemy from his dark and miserable past.

As his father's ghost appears hamlet remembers why he’s angry. Hamlet blood boils after hearing how his father died. He feels rage and madness inside himself,making it difficult to contain.

In conclusion, hamlet was a man driven by grief and revenge for the wrongs that were done to him. A lot of things were blamed to him without any good reasons; a lot of hateful people took their revenge for something his father did. This took a lot of him but it can be said that hamlet was not crazy.

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