Hamlet’s Irrational Emotions

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Hamlet is the son of Queen Gertrude and late King Hamlet. Hamlet is also the nephew of King Claudius. In the story Hamlet many people are stuck between if he is actually insane or if he is faking his insanity. Some people really do believe he is mad, and some people believe he is absolutely not mad. The story is very dramatic, and a lot goes on. Hamlet has had to go through a lot in this play. One of the main problems in the story are the anger he has against his uncle Claudius and mother and having to deal with the constant changes of emotion. Also one other problem is having to deal with the death of his father. I believe his irrational emotions are linked to his insanity.

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“Hamlet’s Irrational Emotions”

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Hamlet’s character in this story is kind of odd, he does not act like anybody else in the story. He seems very angry and indecisive. He obviously carries a lot of anger and hatred for his family but his anger is mainly toward his uncle and his mother. His father King Hamlet has been killed by his own brother King Claudius to overthrow the crown and take his spot and after this his mother, Queen Gertrude and his father’s brother started having relations with each other. This causes Hamlet to be really uncomfortable and felt that it was disgusting. He was disgusted with the choices she has made so quickly after her husband’s death and because Hamlet felt as if the relationship she had with her brother in law was incest. In the beginning of the story Hamlet’s character is bitter, sad and he was also kind of selfish. Towards the end of the play is when he is becoming very angry, indecisive and impulsive.

In the story it is hard for some people to tell if he is insane or not. Sometimes it will seem like it but sometimes it will not. He is bipolar and his emotions change very quickly. There are many symptoms of insanity, and you do not have to have all of them to be considered insane. The many symptoms of insanity include confused thinking. Confused thinking can be just like indecisiveness or hesitation. Strong feelings of anger are also another symptom of insanity which Hamlet does have. In the story he does tend to rash out a lot and he becomes very impulsive. If you are insane, you can experience hallucinations like how Hamlet was seeing the ghosts that not everyone could see. Excessive high and low moods and long lasting sadness is another symptom of insanity that Hamlet does have like when he lashes out. Out of some of the symptoms of insanity, Hamlet has six. The person who is actually insane that believes Hamlet is not could be explained by denial of obvious problems which is another symptom that comes along with insanity that, that person may be dealing with.

I do believe Hamlet is actually insane. I do not believe he is faking his insanity or that he is completely normal. I believe he is insane because he even admitted to it. Hamlet had admitted that he was insane on occasions. Also, people in the story do not trigger this act of impulsiveness or him blowing up so it is all him. Nobody makes Hamlet act this way, unlike how people who are not insane would act irrationally because of something that happened, but Hamlet just lashes out for no reason. Hamlet has committed murder. Anybody that is not the littlest bit of insane would not kill anyone especially for simple reasons. Hamlet was involved directly and indirectly in seven deaths. Some people believe that Hamlet is not insane. Either way if he is not insane the fact that he would fake his insanity is kind of insane. A sane person would not fake insanity for so long or be as committed to it like Hamlet was.

I think that Hamlet has dealt with a lot of things in his life, some things that he did not cause and things that he brought upon himself. Either way I do believe he has dealt with a lot that stressed him out and put a lot on his shoulders and this caused him to become insane. Some people develop certain illnesses because of trauma they have had to deal with throughout their life. I believe that all of the murders he pursued caused him to go mad. I also believe he could be very frustrated because of how much he feels like he is being watched by King Claudius and whoever King Claudius has hired to watch him.

The death of his father and his mother’s relationship with his father’s brother King Claudius after King Hamlet dies could also be a traumatic situation that caused him to become insane. Hamlet found it very hard to trust anyone especially women his mother moved on so fast after her husband’s death so that situation really impacted him negativity. The hatred that King Claudius and Hamlet have for each other is probably stressful to Hamlet so that just adds more that he has to deal with. Hamlet’s life was in danger because of King Claudius. King Claudius was trying to kill Hamlet by poisoning him but insteadaccidentally poisoned Queen Gertrude. Hamlet has lost both of his parents, his mom and dad. I believe this may be a big reason as to why Hamlet has become mad. He is dealing with all of these symptoms of insanity which could be more stressful on him, and this could increase the symptoms.

I believe it is a fact that Hamlet is insane although I do not think Hamlet has always been insane. I believe his insanity came along with all the things he has had to go through with in his life. It is hard to believe he was not insane because of his character and the way he acted. A normal person would not have that type of character on a daily basis or often at all. The definition of insanity describes Hamlet perfectly.

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