No Motive and Reasons to Live Anymore

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There are many objections due to cryonics. One of the popular objections is cryonics is against nature and God. In the case of cryonics, most people will think that dying is a part of natural cycle and to stop the process of dying by preserving a human body in a storage container filled with liquid nitrogen is immoral. New technologies are often being labelled as “against nature” whereas old technologies such as using the heart defibrillator that restore a person’s heartbeat to normal by giving an electric shock to the heart which its aim is also to prevent dying which is also considered “against nature” are not receiving objections now. People will slowly learn to accept these new technologies. Another objection is about endless life extension will eventually become boring.

The revived person might commit suicide after he/she find no motive and reasons to live anymore. Besides that, the revived person might die again perhaps due to some unpredictable natural causes or by accidents. According to Alcor institution, the cost of cryopreservation is about $28000. Therefore, cryonics are considered costly and it is only affordable to the rich ones. This will create a significant class difference between the rich and the poor as the gap that is created could make a big difference between living for a few decades and living forever. Another objection is that cryonics is considered selfish. Spending loads of money on charity and family members are better than spending all the money on cryonic storage which will be wasteful if it does not work (Shaw, 2009). Another objection will be dystopia. The revivalists might not want revived persons to suffer, but they might want to use them for other purposes such as becoming a labour worker or to be used in scientific experiments. Lastly, the patient who is revived might experience malchronia. This is due to the unfamiliar surroundings and culture shock which will cause the person to experience extreme mental distress and causing the patient to become discomfort.


If the damages that occur due to aging can be repaired in the future, it is reasonable to think that damages caused by cryonics procedures can also be repaired Cryonics may be the only hope for people living today to seek for future medical advices and services to cure their diseases. Time will probably become irrelevant when death can be prevented using cryonics. Cryonics should be highly promoted to researchers in order to encourage them to pursue on the field of cryonics. Further academic work should be done to increase the possibilities of cryonics to happen in the future. Although Cryonics is just a science based on future advancement of science and technology, but to continue living in the future does seem to have some advantages. At present, there are only two choices after death which are either burial or cremation but cryonics might be the third choice to skip death. Objections about whether cryonics is morally permitted or it is immoral should be discussed and solved. Cryonics should be further studied, appreciated and it should be seen as a form of life support to extend a person life’s span and fight against death. Therefore, more support and research opportunities should be given to the area of cryonics to fully uncover its potential. 

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