Iago First Evil Motive

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Iago first evil motive is making roderigo think that he can help him catch Desdemona's attention and make her fall in love with him. Roderigo quickyl falls into Iago's lies because roderigo believes anything having to do with desdemona and doesn't doubt anythign that Iago says about her. Rodorigo's love and obession towards Desdemona makes Iago job easier and munilpulates him quickly. Iago made Rodrigo think that he had a chance in conquoering Desdemona. Iago tricks Roderigo and takes all his fortune. Roderigo had given Iago all the money he had and had sold his lands so that he could buy Desdemonsa gold and jewals. Iago made Roderigo believe that with the gifts that he was supposably buying would be a gesture of Roderigos love towards her. Iago once again uses Rodrigo by convincing him to kill Cassio because Iago made him believe that Cassio was trying to get to Desdemona as well. Rodrigo fell for it once again and tried to kill Cassio since it was his competition.

Iago second evil motive would be him pretending to be Cassio's friend and gives him bad advice. He gets Cassio to drink excesively more than he usauuly does so that he would get drunk. Iago then told Othello about Cassio's drunk scenerio and fired Cassio which made him lose his position as a lieutenant. Iago gets Cassio hopes up up makes him think that he can gain his position back but only if he asks Desdemona Othello's wife to help him by talking to Othello and make him change his mind. This leads to Cassio thinking that he can trust in Iago because he thinks that it is a good idea and way of getting his position back. Iago advices Cassio to do that so it looks like cassio wants Desdemona. Therefore, Othello wouldn't give Cassio his position back because Iago is going to make Othello belive that Cassio and Desdemona have an affair.

Iago's last action of evilness would be him bring down Othello by taking advantage of his insecureness. Othello is insecure since he is a black african american man that is in love with someone of a different race and wants to marry her, Desdemona. This was npt a commen thing back in the days because of the color a skin and race therefore, it wasn't right for Desdemona to be with a black man and his father wouldn't approve of this nor other people. Iago uses Othellos jealously by making him believe that Desdemona is having an affair with someone her type and her class. Iago tells Othello that Desdemona is commiting adultery with Cassio and when Othello asked for prove he was able to make a scheme and make it seem liket they were having an affair. Iago promised Othello to seek for reveange against desdemona. Iago plans to become a lieutenant and does all this so that it would happen but, things did not go as he planed them to.

Iago had his plans in order and it went as he planned in the being until Emilia his wife discovered what he was doing. Iago did d not succeed in beoming the lieutenant. He knew the charceters weakness and used it against them so they would do what he wanted and he had his strategic shcemes to make it all work. Rodrigo, Cassio, and Othello all fell for his lies. Therefore, Iago's was good at munipluteing people. Iago' consequences were him ending up in prison for the deaths he caused and everything that he did. Iago takes evilness to another level. He is a jealous man and is seeking for revenge against Cassio and Othello. There is people like this in real-life who scheme people so that they can get what they want just like Iago whether if it for a job position of anything else.

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