The Odysseus as an Epic Hero

There are several characteristics that Odysseus had qualifying him to be an epic hero. These characteristics include the fact he was so courageous and also his wholesome when he went on his epic journey. He also has very superhuman strength. He shows this in several ways and different times during all his experiences. For these two major reasons, he can be considered to be an epic hero.

Odysseus is very wholesome especially when sticking to his own values. He would not be found doing anything that he considered to be wrong. Additionally he did not disrespect any human being, or any east or god: this was despite the fact they might have wring him in one way or the other. It is because of his courage that I believe that he can be an epic hero. He displays his courage in almost everything that he does as well as everything that he says. There was no any single time that he backed down from a task or a fight that he was supposed complete. He had a remarkable knowledge on how to handle fights and a lot to shoot the bow and the arrow.

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Being a superhuman could also make him an epic hero. He was able to face some villains who are weigh too ugly and evil. During his human weaknesses, he is helped by the gods to overcome them. This is so a perfect characteristics that qualify his to be an epic hero.

In the modern world, an epic hero must be a person who has several villains but overcomes them and emerges a winner even in very tough situations. They are courageous and do not fear anything and anyone. They are great warriors who go to war and fight especially for other people.

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