How Dangerous Boxing?

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Imagine you are in a boxing ring getting ready for the biggest fight of your life. Your body starts to tremble due to your nervousness of the thousands of people watching you. Your adrenaline starts to kick in, in order to lower your stress level. Two minutes later, you are face to face with your opponent. You then throw a punch then your opponent hits you back with the same move. twenty minutes later of back and forth action. You take your last breath as you hear the bell for the last round. As you approach your opponent feeling tired and dizzy you swing however your opponent counters and hits you so hard in your head that instantly your vision starts to diminish and you start to see pitch black. Now you are being rushed to the emergency room. Being unaware of what is going on; the doctor tells your mom that you suffered from brain damage and is now in a coma. Today boxing is an ongoing sport that is loved by millions, it may help you exercise, reduces stress or be entertaining to watch, however, it causes a lot of injuries and deaths per year. Throughout the years, it has come to many people attentions that boxing is a dangerous sport and it needs to be ban. After doing a lot of research and watching various boxing matches, I realized that boxing is a very dangerous sport and it needs to be banned.

Today I will tell you all why boxing should be banned, I will also tell you about the injuries that boxing causes and lastly I will tell about the negative impact that boxing has on people lives.

I. Why boxing should be banned

Boxing is different from any other sports, although the goal is to win. Boxing is design to hurt the other opponent

1. According to the article “Let face the facts about boxing,” Timothy Murnane Jr stated that, “most boxers want to win by knockouts, meaning that they want to hurt their opponent so bad that they will be unconscious. Fighters that have the most knockouts build up their reputation, causing them to demand more money and to advance in division ratings.” Boxing promotes the worst and most violent parts of human nature. People should not be offered money to hurt anyone just for entertainment.

2. In order to knock out your opponent, the head is usually the main target, even when a fighter is directing their attack at other body parts. Their intentions are to get an open head shot. Dr. Airthur H. Steinhaus a professor of physiology stated that “most of the damage is caused by blows to the head and the face. When this happens the brain bounces against the sharp bony ridge in the front of the skull this causes brain damage.

Now that we have learned about how dangerous and inhuman, boxing is let look at the different type of inquiries.

II. Injuries that associates with boxing.

There are many injuries that occur in the boxing ring, some could be minor but other could be fatal.

1. According to BBC news, some minor injuries can be bone fractures. “This is when a boxer hits a surface so hard that the palm of their hands especially under the ring finger and the little finger get fractured. Symptoms can include pain in the hands, swelling, and difficulty moving.”

2. The most fatal injuries are concussions. We learn in the beginning that most boxer intentions are to knock out their opponent in order to win. In the article “Our brains can’t take it” Michaela Morgan a professor at Macquarie University stated that “when the brain is slam hard enough at the back of the skull the brain will release potassium and will temporarily stop work. This causes concussions; symptoms include unconsciousness, brief loss of short memory, nausea, and loss of coordination, confusion, and headache. Sometimes it can be so severe that it can put someone in a coma or even worst lead to death.

3. In the info graph from BBC News, 475 boxers have died from the year 1946 to 2015, Including 303 pro boxers and 172 amateur boxers. One hundred and fifty thousand people in England box weekly and 995 are licensed boxers. The biggest payday for a boxer was 220 million dollars. It seems like people are willing to risk their lives just for money.

o summarize everything boxing can seriously hurt someone and put their lives in danger. The brain is one of the most precious organs on the human body and if is damaged it can affect a person’s functional ability. Next, we will look at professional boxers that were affected by boxing.

III. People that were affected by boxing.

A. There is no doubt that Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest boxers of all time. However aside from his success in the ring, you can see the negative impact that boxing had on his health.

1. According to the Washington post, “Muhammad Ali has taken so many shots to the head that when he was in his 30s his thumb began to tremble, he lacked stamina and he had difficulty sleeping. He also shuffled when he walked and mumbled when he talks. Scientists at Arizona state university found that Ali’s speech rate fell by 16 percent”. Muhammad Ali condition became even worst when he was diagnosed with Parkinson only at the age of 42. Parkinson is a disease that kills the neurons in the brain that produce dopamine. This affects the way a person move symptoms include stiffness in muscle, sleeping problem, and difficulty speaking.

2. Prichard Colon a former Puerto Rican boxer that had 16 consecutive wins in a row is now fighting for his life only at the age of 26. Jorge Castillo an author of the Washington Post stated that. Prichard colon suffered harsh blows to the back of the head in his last fight, and since 2015, he has been in a vegetative state. He is currently unaware of what is going on, he lost the ability to talk and walk”. He cannot do anything for himself.


In conclusion, we can see how dangerous boxing is and it definitely needs to be ban.

1. The goal of boxing is to hurt the other opponent. In doing so your opponent must be beaten unconsciously. This is morally wrong because it promotes violence. Since the head is the main target when hit hard enough it can cause brain damage or even put someone in a coma. There were many boxers that were affected by boxing including Muhammad Ali and Prichard Colon.

2. Now it is up to us to either let people go into boxing and destroy themselves or to save them from damaging themselves. Boxing might be a good sport for exercising, reducing stress and can be fun to watch. However, at the end of the day, it is better to be safe than sorry. We cannot wait until more people lose their lives to boxing; we need to act now before it is too late. 

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