The Impact of Boxing on our Lives

Boxing is a sport that has many positive effects on a person’s life. Banning boxing from the U.S will lead to more violence and bullying among teenagers and in some way more people will experience poverty due to boxing being a solution for stress and anger.

”Without boxing, because of my neighborhoods, who knows what would have happened to me. It was always about following the leader. And I definitely was not a leader. Boxing gave me discipline; a sense of self. It made me more outspoken. It gave me more confidence.” This statement was said by Sugar Ray Leonard. He stated his neighborhood was full of violence and without boxing he couldn’t have defended himself or become independent. 

However, some might still argue that boxing is a cruel, brutal and a barbaric sport and sends kids a wrong message. Yet, boxing could an has changed lives of people and kids by raising them from poverty and many other reasons like Manny. Manny Pacquiao’s family were once so poor they often had to go without rice. Until he earned 100 million dollars from just one fight in Las vegas, and since then has become a famous filipino boxer. 

They are not forced to be a professional boxer and most people just do it as a sport and benefits other than money. Also for the people who argue that it gives kids the wrong message a lot of sports involve violence and risk injuries. Lots of other sports could cause severe injuries too, including hockey,soccer,rugby, lacrosse even a game of hide and seek. Take football for example. Football is a sport that involves some form of violence like tackling, which in some cases do cause severe injuries as proven by Katherine Foley(2017.) as she stated that “ Studies have found the 110 from 111 of former NFL players have evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), or permanent brain damage as a result of repeated blunt force injuries to the head.” However it is still widely practiced and admired all throughout america. People don’t seem to be complaining about how it teaches kids violence and arguing that it should be banned because of the injuries it causes it might not be as severe as boxing but there are still injuries associated with it . 

Boxing is still a sport no matter what people think of it. Yes, it might cause someone their life but that’s their choice to make just like how it’s the person’s choice to watch it.  

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