Media Literacy Rules

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1. Media and Information Literacy is a necessary skill that everyone should possess especially now in the Digital/Information Age. What do you think is Media and Information Literacy? Can you consider yourself Media Literate? Why, or why not?

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“Media Literacy Rules”

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The ability to understand information needs and effectively recognize, assess and use information is the concept of Media and Information Literacy. It focuses on how the skills of an individual build empathy and perspective-taking skills that will help them properly engage, develop and create media wherein they can avoid potentially hurting or affecting others. Yes, I can consider myself as a Media Literate since I’ve always been mindful of the things I post online and how other people might understand or interpret it differently from me since we have different point of views and values in life. In addition, one can only be considered as a Media and Information Literate if it uses it in a proper way and become responsible on every act one does on social media which is why I always think before I act in terms of giving and gathering information.

2. Equipped with the proper skills and knowledge in media and information, how do you make use of it in contributing in the following parts of the community:

  • Home
  • School
  • Nation/Country

Being equipped with proper skills and knowledge in media and information, one can contribute to their community by knowing how to discern false and accurate information in different types of medium particularly in media. Since everything starts at home and that our family is the primary learning and social space, it has made us become responsible and to be more mindful of what we are doing in gathering and providing information online so we can help our families in avoiding fake news or misinformation. When it comes to school, it empowers us students to learn and engage actively in discussions about what’s happening around us, where it makes me think before acting and I can contribute to getting my voices heard through the media. With that, I can apply everything I learn in contributing to my nation/country when it comes government and politics by giving proper comments and ideas in a particular topic and in spreading information. With that, when it comes government and politics, I can apply everything I’ve learned to contribute to my nation/country by considering different point of views and values of other, giving proper comments and ideas on a particular topic and by spreading knowledge as users of information and media.

3. Being a 21st Century citizen inundated with a lot of information made available through the internet, how do you avoid misinformation or fake news?

Being a 21st Century citizen or part of the Information Age made it easier for us to gather everything we needed in our everyday lives, from accessing different news sources to seeking information that can fulfill our curiosity and expand our knowledge. But, being misinform or deceive by fake news cannot be avoided since there are users who are misleading information for their benefit or to simply create panic and we are ignorant enough to believe the information. In order to avoid misinformation or fake news, one must always double check the validity of information and sources in that way we can avoid the risk of becoming victims of misinformation. To know how to discern what is real from what is false by becoming more responsible and aware on how to evaluate sources to stop the further spread of fake news and to always check the credibility of source, author and the content of the information. Furthermore, with all of the information made available through the internet, it’s not possible to create a verifiably false or misleading information whether it’s intentional or not that’s why we must always be careful and evaluate before sharing news information on media.   

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