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The movement of literary Modernism was unlike many others it’s central focus was inner self and consciousness. This movement began in 1910 and ended around 1965. Modernist fundamental priority was to create literature that was fiction and put an end to non fiction. The new world during this time was the start of a new form of art Modernism. Modernism was a beginning of new form of literature that came to exist during the 19th century. This movement began when cultural of great shocks came upon Europe. The first was known as the Great War according to ¨Literary Periods Timeline¨ it was supposed to be a, “War to End All Wars” but, as a result it came to be one of the most destructive, and horrifying wars that people had ever seen. Many died during this shock this made writers question what was becoming of the new world and they felt as if they needed a new literacy work. This is how the movement of Modernism was established during this time period. Furthermore, authors writings reflected cultural crisis,consciousness, and experimental. Many times texts were not always comprehensible because writers were experimental when writing such as, using heavy symbolism. The form that writers wrote in the modernism time had no structure and did not utilize chronological order. When people refer to this movement as an experimental time of writing it is because, authors followed their own rules in writing. For example ¨The Waste Land¨ by T.S Eliot poem moved from one level of narrative to another. This not only happened with this author but with various more. Commonly used were novels,poems and diaries by authors. Consciousness was something that was included in many modernist writings they wanted readers to feel as of they were eavesdropping on someone else's mind. They made an imitation of this because, they desire to provide textual alternative to the stream of characters conscious. The authors that had the biggest impact in the Modernism movement were Joseph Conrad, T.S Eliot, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf. Many believe this is because of the fact that they wrote stories that captured people's attention in a new way that other literature never had. The fiction was making readers focus on something that was not real rather than something that was occuring like Wars, Fights and etc.. For example Virginia Woolf wrote a book called ¨A Room of One's Own¨ this book caused lots of controversy because in the book it states, ¨ Women must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction¨ this made readers question if women should get the same rights but, it angered some readers. This book had someone who was being a feminist and standing up for what they believe although, it was fiction it made people realize things. In addition, Modernism was known as time after World War One because, this destroyed people? faith and reflected upon literature. A modernist work T.S Eliot is the search for recovery and resumption in an empty landscape room. Modernist writers not all used same techniques because each wanted the reader to interpret the story differently. Writers began to start becoming experimental with their novels because, of the world around them it kept changing and they did not believe it was in a good way. The publication of an author named James Joyce was the turning point event evolution of modernism literature. The novel ¨Ulysses¨ shows details of events that happened in one day that are seen from 3 different perspective this is where consciousness comes along. This is how novels were written and had an impact on readers. In conclusion, the Modernism movement was created because of great tragedies that happened until the early 20th century. These great tragedies changed peoples perspectives not only in life but, in writing. The writing that was used during this time now contributes to our writing today and helped get where we are.
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