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Analysis of Children’s Television Introduction The amount of violent images in movies is staggering. Unfortunately, many children are exposed to these violent scenes on a daily basis as they watch and play the video games. Prime time television is also not without its share of blame in this issue (Parents Television Council, 2006). Even more shocking is the fact that programming designed specifically for children also contains violence. But violence is not the only vice plaguing children’s programs. Adult language, sexual content, trash talking, disrespect and bullying are also present. Much of the violence in children cartoons is classified as ‘fantasy violence’. However, it is important to note that the fact that this violence is classified as fantasy does not in any way diminish its negative impact on the viewer (Parents Television Council, 2006). The effects of violence on cartoon programs are insidious. In contemporary cartoons, the issue of language mainly is seen in verbal abuse. It is very common in cartoons, and involves children-children, adult-adult and children-adult. Use of euphemisms is also very common. An aspect of abusive language is put-down which also manifests itself as bullying. Another dimension in use of language involves disrespect for parents and authority. Use of excretory content is also a big issue (Parents Television Council, 2006). There is frequent allusion to bodily functions, which children find amusing. Negative behaviors and attitudes which children are exposed to in television programming is also a major issue. Content issues in this category include bullying, peer pressure, disrespect and defiance. Indeed, there is much more bullying in cartoon than in live action programs! An even more disturbing issue is the amount of adult-oriented scenes in animated children programs (Parents Television Council, 2006). Bullying, violence, abusive language, sensual scenes are overarching issues in children television programs. There is a connection between these and current culture around the world (Parents Television Council, 2006). The inclusion of these in the study is beneficial in shedding light of these issues. The insidious effects of these issues encouraged in children programs may be mitigated through increased studies.   Reference Parents Television Council. (2006). A Content Analysis of Children’s Television. WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING, (I), 1-28.  

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